Game Boyz Review: Facebreaker KO Party

Game Boyz writes: "Fight Night Round 3 stands as my all-time favorite boxing game while Mike Tyson's Punch-Out comes in at a close second. So when I found out the makers of Fight Night were working on an arcade style boxer, which was drawing comparisons to Midway's Ready 2 Rumble for the long departed Dreamcast, I was excited. Having recently played and reviewed FaceBreaker for the Xbox 360, I was left a little underwhelmed. It had great promise, but the execution ultimately disappointed. A couple of months later, along comes FaceBreaker KO Party for the Wii. After exchanging some blows and several knockouts with KO Party I am relieved as some of the issues plaguing the Xbox 360 version of the game have been addressed. Nevertheless, I can't help but think this one could have been a tad better."

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