Remembering Sega's Awful MCU Games

The last few years have seen some great Marvel games release, but in the mid-2000s Sega released some of the worst Marvel games ever made.

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isarai106d ago

Actually the captain America game is pretty damn solid. Terrible framerate, but very fun beat'em up

monkey602106d ago

I remember people enjoying Captain America

FortWaba105d ago

I was a big fan of the Captain America game. It had some fun set pieces, the combat was tight, and the shield mechanics were solid.

It was better than the Avengers game we have now, anyway.

RoseSapphire105d ago

Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was super popular.

Terry_B105d ago

Well, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was not made by or for Sega and is not a part of the list

RoseSapphire105d ago

My mistake. It is written.... "taking cues from..."

MetroidFREAK21105d ago

I enjoyed Iron Man and Iron Man 2 on the Wii 🤷‍♂️

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