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VGChartz's Paul Broussard: "I certainly can’t claim Prodeus is a bad game. It just left me thoroughly underwhelmed. Perhaps this encapsulates the underlying issue with the desire to create a game whose primary ambition is to recreate the feeling of playing older titles. Movement shooters have gone on to do bigger and better things since those 90s titles, and while Prodeus’ core shooting loop is fun for a bit, there just isn’t enough there to carry a full release. The best spiritual successors have something unique that sets them apart from the titles they seek to emulate, and there just isn’t much in Prodeus that could elevate it beyond just being a less interesting version of a 25-year-old game."

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DefenderOfDoom297d ago

Highly recommend PRODEUS if you like old school QUAKE and DOOM. Level design is awesome with a lot of secrets littered throughout levels . My only complaint is the checkpoint system. Enemies do no reset ,. Other than that I am having loads of fun !!

DefenderOfDoom297d ago (Edited 97d ago )

I will say , I am having more fun playing PRODEUS campaign more than any Call of Duty campaign that came out in the last 6 years .