Microsoft claims Insomniac’s Wolverine game will be released in 2023

videogameschronicle.com: "As spotted by Tech4Gamers, Microsoft’s claim that the game will be released in 2023 was made in a regulatory filing published this week by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority, which is currently scrutinising the company’s proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard."

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CaptainHenry916345d ago

I doubt Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine comes out the same year. Spider-Man 2 is probably October or November next year so Wolverine is most definitely late 2024

TheLigX345d ago

Could be fiscal year 23 and releasing in spring of 24. Insomniac are pretty wild with how close their releases are to each other.

VersusDMC345d ago

Highly doubt they have enough time as they didn't have ingame footage ready last year.

But maybe if half the game is set in New York. Reuse some assets. And no way Spider man doesn't show up in the game. This is definitely building towards a connected universe.

Bathyj345d ago

Or Microsoft is talking out of their arse to push their agenda. That's basically their MO. I mean how would they even know?

Lightning Mr Bubbles345d ago

I thought this was a PS5 exclusive. So what does it have to do with microsoft? Why are they talking about it?

Army_of_Darkness345d ago

It's like Sony saying the next Halo will release in 2024.....🙄

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neutralgamer1992345d ago

This is insomniac games we are talking about it would not show me at all both games come out within 6 months of each other

InUrFoxHole345d ago

That would be crazy though. Looking forward to wolverine... a mature game

Jin_Sakai344d ago

Sony should just acquire Take Two and if Microsoft attempts to take CoD away then they have GTA at their disposal. Fight fire with fire.

CaptainHenry916344d ago

I'm also hearing that Sony might acquire CDPR (rumor). In my opinion I don't think that would be a good purchase. I'm with you with Take Two

porkChop344d ago

Take Two are worth over $14 billion. Sony isn't buying them.

Jin_Sakai344d ago


Sony has $21 billion cash in hand. They could most certainly acquire Take Two. GTA is a money printing machine.

porkChop344d ago

Sony already set aside $18 billion of that cash for acquisitions and expansions across all of their divisions. They already spent billions on PlayStation. You think Sony is somehow going to drop another $17-18 billion on Take Two? How is that going to work?

Not to mention if MS is getting looked at so intently for buying ABK, Sony would never get approval to buy Take Two. Sony are the largest player in gaming already. No one is going to approve them buying Take Two and getting all of 2K, all of Rockstar, all of Private Division, etc. No console manufacturer is getting their hands on GTA, that's even bigger than COD.

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SoulWarrior345d ago

How could MS possibly know this lmao

Christopher345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

They don't. They are trying to do everything to make Sony look like they are way more ahead and have more exclusives each year than they actually do. They want to pump Sony away the heck up so the regulators will suddenly ignore who Microsoft is.

It's similar to the Trump business stuff. Make your properties look really valuable for loan collateral but worthless for taxes.

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rlow1345d ago (Edited 345d ago )

Well to be fair they have both pointed the finger at each other with some sharky comments. Sony playing on the commissions fears that somehow they won’t be able to compete, or be put at a major disadvantage. MS coming out with some bizarre numbers that don’t match. A lot of tit for tat kind of stuff. But all of this is to be expected with so much riding on it for both companies.

Crows90345d ago


Nothing sony has said is sharky. It is already true that competition will get more difficult. Sony has lost elder scrolls, dishonored and future arkane titles, doom, wolfenstein (2 major 1st person shooters), evil within, ninja theory games even though heavenly sword was published by sony and made them more successful, etc.

Now with this merger theyd also lose any future blizzard and activision games...potentially. Theres quite a few popular ones in there from what I've heard. Tons of millions of copies sold for their console versions just evaporated. The zenimax deal was already huge...this doesnt take the cake but it sure adds up.

PS-Gamer-1986344d ago (Edited 344d ago )

I believe ms' endgoal is to just move sony into a position where they can't reject gamepass from playstation any longer.

shinoff2183344d ago


Ive been gaming since the atarii and sony has probably had plenty money to do that. They havent. Sony isnt out there buying publishers. Sony typically buys studios who historically make games on their console only anyway. Ms went and is trying to buy a whole publisher. A publisher whose numbers show their games sell better on sonys console by a large margin to. Ms hasnt built anything up the way sony has. Lets also not pretend that ms didnt start this exclusive dlc and map bs either back during the 360. Ms paid for tales of vesperia to not release in the west markets but it was able to release on ps3 in japan. Ms isnt some innocent bystander just barely getting by. MS has been involved in a lot of shady sh since forever . Look up some of it especially from the 90s and early 2000s.

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RaidenBlack345d ago

Spider-Man 2 for 2023 ... Wolverine for 2024+
Now way both are releasing same year ...

Crows90345d ago

I mean they do have spiderman likely pretty much done. Wolverine could potentially come out end of 2023.

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SullysCigar345d ago

Thanks for letting us know Microsoft! Man, you got me all hyped up now, looks awesome!

Microsoft out there doing Sony's PR for them... 🤡🤡

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Knushwood Butt345d ago

I wonder if MS is deliberately holding the release of games to make their position look weaker.

SullysCigar345d ago

Lol I don't think they're that clever. What an awesome excuse though!

ocelot07345d ago

🤣🤣🤣 29315;🤣 Jesus Christ ii giggles at that more than I should off.

Poor Microsoft with 20+ studios can't afford to pump out killer exclusives like mega bucks Sony 🤣🤣🤣 28557; /s

rippermcrip345d ago

Yes that's what they've been doing the last 10 years. Smart ones they are.

Crows90345d ago

umm...no. Theyre not. Theyve always been this weak.

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Jericho1337345d ago

Just like Sony calling Gamepass unstoppable when the ABK deal goes through…

Crows90345d ago

Except sony actually has a better subscription overall. 1st party exclusives same year release possibly. Cheaper and it includes ps plus which is much better too. But theyre not wrong that gamepass will get a huge boost through COD.

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Inverno345d ago

I keep forgetting they're making a wolverine game, kinda unreal that we're getting some actual decent marvel games now.