Jank Be Damned, ELEX II Is One of the Sleeper Hits of the Year

Twinfinite: "With Piranha Bytes' latest old-school RPG finally out in the wild, it's time for us to wax lyrical about how gosh darn underrated it is."

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LordoftheCritics101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

It really is.

Can really put you to sleep with every hit.

coolbeans100d ago (Edited 100d ago )



HyperMoused101d ago

I found the same with one, bad or mediocre reviews, absolutely awesome game couldnt put it down. Havnt tried two yet, but when im in an RPG mood again, its what im getting for sure

neutralgamer1992100d ago

Only embracer group are funding AA games and we need more mid size games with medium budget

MoistRaine100d ago

The original and the sequel are games worth playing. Sure, they're janky, but there's some real love in the games if you care to take the time. <3

RavenWolfx100d ago

I played this at launch (GameFly'ed it) and it was pretty meh. Glitches and a story cinematic that has nothing to do with what just happened in the story (that was confusing, like out of order or something), I played maybe an hour and sent it back. Maybe it isn't as bad now, assuming it has been patched some.

FTLmaster100d ago

Aye, I think the new patches may've ironed out some of the rougher edges.