Happy Holidays from Capcom… and a Special Surprise

From the launch of our Capcom Store, to the release of 8 digital games on the PSN, 2008 was a pivotal year for us as we move closer to our goal in becoming the #1 publisher in this space. A personal highlight of mine this year was producing the Street Fighter Underground Remix exclusive to PSN. It made sense since the store launched a new music area. I love the idea of integrating different forms of media with gaming. Wait 'til you hear the next album…

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big shadow5680d ago

the M.Bison video was awesome

ThanatosDMC5679d ago

Everyone that's a fan of the Resident Evil series should watch Resident Evil: Degeneration CGI movie. It's a great movie and further aggrandizes Leon S. Kennedy's AWESOMENESS!!!

But there is some noticeable no mocapping CGI scenes when you notice stiff animations.

ThatArtGuy5679d ago (Edited 5679d ago )

This is why I prefer Pixar movies (Ratatouille) which use absolutely no motion capture versus Paramount movies (Beowolf) that use nothing but motion capture.

rockleex5678d ago

Monster Hunter Frontier(MMORPG) announced for the PS3!!! *and possibly 360*

ThanatosDMC5675d ago

Yeah, i want nothing else than Monster Hunter on the better consoles but then again i want a Megaman Legends 3.

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Nathan Drake5680d ago

Capcom are certainly one of the top digital distribution publishers,by this time next year they'll probably be the dominant force in the space.

Bnet3435680d ago

You finally said something worth agreeing with. Took you long enough. Yes, Capcom is a force to be reckoned with. Digital or retail, Capcom rules.

meepmoopmeep5680d ago

i hate playing SF with any controller.
needs me an Hori arcade pad or something.

INehalemEXI5680d ago (Edited 5680d ago )

Yah, I use my mayflash. Controllers make thumbs sore playing fighting games for long periods of time.

BrunoM5680d ago

LOL no way i got it i never win anything anf i got it lol...

i wont at number 211 and 240 already PM him now all i can do is wait and thats what im doing lol... watong ..

Voozi5680d ago

Well time to stake out Home for Mr John Capcom haha since I wasn't quick enough to comment lol.