Hottest Upcoming PSP Games for 2009

Portable Video Gamer Writes:

"For fans of RPGs and companies like Level 5 and Square Enix, the PSP handheld is the place to be in 2009. In addition, a few high-profile western games may surprise us. We know that Studio Liverpool is working on a super-secret PSP port of Little Big Planet (OK, maybe it's not so secret after all). Sony Bend will also be releasing a handheld spinoff or the Resistance FPS series called Retribution in the spring. And as usual, RPG fans will have a lot to look forward to as brand new games and ports of old classics head to Sony's handheld. Read on for a list of upcoming PSP games that we are most thrilled about."

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clinker3801d ago

I really think that 2009 will get better for the PSP, especially if you are into Japanese style games. I am personally really looking forward to checking out Ushiro and Phantasy Star Portable.

Cajun Chicken3801d ago

Dammit. Where are the platformers/third person action adventures?!?

San anto3801d ago (Edited 3801d ago )

YERR phantasy star portable
Studio liverpool ftw.

G Man3801d ago

Man, the PSP got to be the worst system released in this decade. What an awful, awful line-up of games.

ChampIDC3801d ago

Yeah, it's sad to see so few good games for the system. The DS just walks all over it. So much wasted potential.

clinker3800d ago

Depends what kind of games you like. Personally, I am sick of all the crap shovelware on the DS and games like Monster Hunter appeal to me more.

ZeroBlitz3800d ago

No one knows the awesomeness that is the DJ Max series. The PSP is worth buying for them alone. Plus you can get 100+ hours out of Disgaea easily with the sequel coming out soon.

Then there's FF Crisis Core, Dissidia, Tactics, Jean d'Arc, MGS Portable Ops, Monster Hunter, Tales of the World, Valkyrie Profile, Star Ocean, LocoRoco, God of War, Patapon, Mega Man, Wipeout, Syphon Filter, a bunch of great fighting games, alternate versions of sports games that are actually worth playing and if you get CFW you can play pretty much any of hundreds of great games on the Playstation 1 (or Snes, Nes, w/e).

The DS may have a larger quantity of good games but the PSP's best far surpass anything on the DS. Also, that list sucks. It doesn't even include KH Birth by Sleep and despite having Ushiro, it doesn't have FFXIII Agito, The 3rd Birthday or Level 5's other game: Cardboard Senki.

Douche Nozzle3801d ago

PSP is doomed. The last game I bought for it was Patapon & that was because it was only $20. I use it mainly as an MP3 player (piss off ipod/zune!) & for Internet for when I want to check something online real quick.

-GametimeUK-3801d ago

I am finally feeding my rpg hunger with Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Final Fantasy: Crisis Core... Also loving God of War: CoO... Next year I am looking forward to Dissidia if it comes out in eu...

Bloodshedder3801d ago

i already have like 3 or 4 of those games:P

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