Splinter Cell Remake Director Leaves Ubisoft

The director of the Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Remake has left Ubisoft after more than 11 years at the company.

Profchaos408d ago

Doesn't bode well for the project but Ubisoft has just gone from bad news to worse lately with rumoured sales popping up he may just be leaving before the ship sinks

crazyCoconuts408d ago

When a company is bought out, though, there's usually a retention bonus given to high value people. That and a potential bump in stock price. Usually it's right after the contractual period dictated by the retention bonus that you see people bailing. Just saying if he thought they were getting bought I'd think he might be tempted to stay not leave

EazyC407d ago

Par for the course in this very unwell industry

CrimsonWing69408d ago

Man, I really want a new Splinter Cell game, but this’ll do. My only real issue is I’ve lost all faith in Ubisoft to deliver on this. I can’t help but feel like they’ll mess this up.

RaidenBlack408d ago

please don't f this up ...
of all the upcoming remakes ... this one of the most important and anticipated one

408d ago
OmegaSoldati408d ago

This might be bad news. After 11 years in the company leaving during a project like this one. Woke or microtransaction remake incoming

Gamesual1408d ago

Doesn’t look good for the project and especially that the stealth genre is in dire need of a comeback as both flagships (MGS and SC) haven’t had anything released in years.

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Welshy377d ago (Edited 377d ago )

I'm not entirely sure how you can slip a bunch of "woke" stuff into a sneaky beaky linear game, but I guess time will tell.

Edit: Hopefully it doesn't refer to other aspects of "modern gaming" like monetization...

Activemessiah374d ago

Oh i'm sure they'll try their hardest.

Escamotage377d ago

I'm more interested in who they're going to have to play Sam Fisher moving forward. Video game characters now require mo-cap on top of their voice acting. When Michael Ironside did it, there were no mo-cap, just voice acting. He's 72 now and doesn't have the athleticism to move like Fisher.

ifinitygamer376d ago

This is true, but the voice actor doesn't need to also do the mo-cap, even though that's what most do. It would probably be a lot more realistic and complete of a performance, but I'll take Ironside with some rando doing the moves any day of the week.


Splinter Cell Celebrates 20 Years

This is a great milestone for the franchise. Today, Ubisoft celebrates 20 Years of the original stealth action classic, Splinter Cell.

P_Bomb378d ago

Ah, two decades of the ol’ splits-jump, heh. It’s on my bucket list irl, lol!

MIDGETonSTILTS17377d ago

Looking at what it took to pull off a headshot in the OG trilogy, and then seeing the “mark and execute” mechanics in action…. It’s the biggest shift in tone for any franchise, ever.

Go play Chaos Theory and dissect why it works. We’re waiting…