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Leonid Melikhov: Scorn is the type of a horror game that every survival-horror fan MUST play. This is a masterpiece each and in every way and here's why.

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hiawa23347d ago (Edited 347d ago )

I am loving the game so far. A very disturbingly beautiful, atmospheric slow romp of a game. Exactly what I was expecting. The sound is really impressive. Keeping my fingers crossed that it continues on this path. It is on Gamepass so really no risk.

jznrpg347d ago

Come on 10/10 ? The previews definitely didn’t show anything near a 10 type of game .

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shinoff2183347d ago

Its like the reviewer was throwing some kind of shade out to when he said things like it is not a walking simulator, he went pretty hard on the not

babadivad347d ago

TLoU 2 was inundated with 10/10. That game was definitely not that. It was pretty though.

Bathyj346d ago

You can't seriously be comparing the two. I'm replaying tlou2 right now and it's a masterpiece. Yeah the graphics are god level but the combat is second to none. No game plays like it.

frostypants346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Any 10/10 review of any game make me question the reviewer's objectivity.

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HardKnockKid24346d ago

@bathyj the game was good but tlou2 was not a 10. The entire back half of the game draaaaaaagged. I remember wishing for the end to arrive near the water portion of the game, to not give any spoilers. And then playing as a certain character, I HATED IT. Lol BUT, opinions

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babadivad346d ago

Haha, I know. TLoU2 is a far cry from a masterpiece.

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HeliosHex347d ago

This reminds me of death stranding. Polarizing reviews. You either hate it or love it.

babadivad347d ago

Getting those vibes as well.

ManMarmalade346d ago

And those are the games I prefer to buy ✌

porkChop346d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking. It seems similar to DS in that regard. I personally couldn't enjoy DS, as much as I was interested in the premise, narrative, and asymmetrical multiplayer. I hope I can enjoy Scorn though, I'm going to play it tonight. The art style is beautifully grotesque, and the audio design seems really good.

Eonjay346d ago

Not really. Death Stranding was well received and got an 80+ metacritic. There were a handful of negative reviews that were worshiped by fanboys. There is no comparison here.

babadivad346d ago

That's how I am too. I just downloaded it while I was at work. Should be ready to go when I get home.

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shinoff2183347d ago

This is the first I seen that it was a masterpiece. Most of what I seen review wise was kinda eh. Personally I dont trust or go by reviews. Ive been gaming for over 30 years and trust my eye more. I think it looks alright so ill bust out the xbox and try it