Resistance 2 Podcast: Multiplayer Tweaks Coming "In this unedited sit down with the folks at Insomniac we hear a bit more about the developer's future plans for Resistance 2's multiplayer action.

We also hear how they think the game separates itself from all of those other shooters currently on the market. The audio in the recording is a bit janky, thanks to wobbly Skype, so it may sound a times that God has stepped in to have a chat as well, that most assuredly wasn't the case."

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Samer3053799d ago

Its about time we here something about the online fixes coming for R2.

Deviant3799d ago

damn this dude sucks so much ....
has he ever played this game before :-/

creamydingle3799d ago (Edited 3799d ago )

He sucked so bad it looked like he hardly played first person shooters before he left the shield, on never reloaded during the brakes in fighting, walked around like a fool and there was bugger all information about updates coming for R2 bug fixes? new maps? new modes? not a very good podcast

ThanatosDMC3798d ago

I've played with these people before! Also, this guy is just horrible... it's like he's talking about a game he's never touched since now or a baby is playing with the controller as a chew toy.

cLiCK_sLiCK93799d ago

I want insominac to release new Cooperative maps, as DLC.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3799d ago

im at work right now , i cant listen it :(
What they said about things who's comming out on R2

kewlkat0073799d ago

looks like crap to be honest.

DJ3799d ago

Same with single-player. Too bad I already sold my copy; got bored of it right away.

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