5 Free DLC songs for Guitar Hero World Tour

Good news for all the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar owners, they get to pick 5 pay DLC songs for free! They can enter their Serial Number and Owner ID until 31 december on a website, listed after the break.

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No FanS Land3803d ago

Ripped off!!!

I bought the complete band package and guess what? Nothing... That's it next year I'm siding with rock band. F you Activision.

ar3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

First of. It seems to works even if you have the complete band set. It didn't complain on the info I filled in any way.
Second. The serial number - as stated on the page - is behind the batteries on your guitar controller.

EDIT: Third. Damn I pressed the reply link by mistake. >_<

Denges3802d ago

cool .. just got it.. a nice treat but rock band is stil better than this pile of poop

ahh.. they will send an email in 4-6 weeks :/

btw serial number is behind the batteries..

Vip3r3802d ago

Does this work for guitar hero 3?

shadowknight2033802d ago

ok i threw away everything frum the box, except i still have the box. where is the serial # located on the box? necuase i keep getting an error and im starting to think this site is working...

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