Platinum CEO breaks silence on Babylon’s Fall closure: ‘We’re extremely sorry’

From VGC: "PlatinumGames‘ CEO has commented for the first time since confirmation that its live service game Babylon’s Fall is to be closed by publisher Square Enix.

Online brawler Babylon’s Fall was widely panned by critics when it launched in March and struggled to attract an audience ever since. Last month Square Enix confirmed the game will officially end service in February 2023, less than a year after its original release.

Speaking to VGC in a new interview, PlatinumGames CEO Atsushi Inaba commented publicly for the first time since the closure news, stating that the developer was “extremely sorry” for any disappointment it might have caused its fans."

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GoodGuy0955d ago

Platinum really needs to step up with their games. They're way too hit or miss like square.

Jin_Sakai55d ago

“Feels "extremely sorry" about any disappointment caused to PG fans”

“It won't change the studio's upcoming live-service plans”

They never learn. Just stick to making great single player games. Not everyone has to make live service games.

Nacho_Z55d ago

It doesn't feel like they've learned enough from the disaster that was BF, they seem to think it's a case of tweaking the formula but they made a game that nobody bought and nobody wanted to play. They seem lost.

-Foxtrot55d ago

I literally don't understand how they can say sorry and NOT let this failure anyone could see was going to be a dud from a mile off, change their live service plans

Some people can get away with live service shit, these guys can't, they aren't that kind of developer.

Sciurus_vulgaris55d ago

I think Platinum is still developing too many projects at once. Some of their projects simply get more focus and development resources. If Platinum manages to burn Nintendo [and Sega] with Bayonetta 3, the company will no longer be an attractive development partner for major publishers.

gangsta_red55d ago

I feel like only a sequel to Vanquish would suffice as an acceptable apology

banger8855d ago Show
MetroidFREAK2155d ago

I won't buy a platinum games live service game. No thanks

phoenixwing55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Their management probably is focused on money to the detriment of making quality products. Making single player games is probably the last thing they care about. What they should do is at least strike a balance. Make some solid single player games for steady money and every 6 to ten years make a quick and easy gas game to see if it sticks instead of tanking the company solely on gas games. But who knows I've only got a four year business degree. The ceo probably has a masters. I'm just biased as a gamer and can't fathom how all these ppl think having a million gas games is going to net you profit when it's obvious the mainstream gamers only populate a few of them when single player is constantly bought by hard-core.

Ones a safe bet while the other is the jackpot pie in the sky

phoenixwing55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Not to be rude but if they have to close down ill feel sorry for them. I'm assuming they'll be closing down since they're chasing the dragon that is live service games.

Michiel198954d ago

I'd prefer Nintendo to buy them instead of closing down. I feel like it could be a good platform for them. They never had cutting edge graphics so being on the switch would help them in that regard.

phoenixwing54d ago

Would be nicer than a bunch of gas games

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