Soulstice - Review Rush

The balance of the Holy Kingdom of Keidas is compromised when powerful, feral beings known as “Wraiths” invade from the other side of the Veil. Wraiths corrupt their victims and can even possess their bodies, turning into unstoppable, vile beings that prey upon the living. The Chimera, hybrid warriors born of the union of two souls, are the only ones who can protect humankind.

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MehmetAlperTR168d ago

Finished it.. It s just 4-5/10 game..

ManMarmalade168d ago

But that's also your opinion.

VanHalen168d ago (Edited 168d ago )

If you’re coming into it knowing what kinda game you’re getting is old school god of war and devil may cry style? You’re gonna love it. I knew what to expect and it does that genre style justice! Great game, 8/10 for me. Playing on the PS5 and it looks and runs great! Good old school hack and slash mixed with some Nier automata in there.

MehmetAlperTR167d ago (Edited 167d ago )

Didn't talk about gameplay. Every where looking same except ending stages. Enemies are same. They just did one style of art.. And Contunied with it. But DMC has gotta different stages and enemies.

VanHalen167d ago

Bloodborne everything looked the same and many other games, yet they get perfect scores. Valkyrie Elysium same thing and it’s getting some mixed reviews. Personally I like that game too. It changes, maybe not as varied as some other games but it’s still good game I think.