A third of Xbox Deathloop players haven't beaten the tutorial

Deathloop has proven a popular addition to Game Pass after finally arriving on Xbox last month, but achievement data suggests that almost a third of players haven't even managed to unlock the first achievement yet.

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AdventurerDonLocke52d ago

That's probably normal for most games.

Moegooner52d ago

No it isn't. Not even for the Souls games.

SullysCigar51d ago

It's normal for gamepass games. They become throwaway and people don't persevere.

It's like sitting in front of the TV and channel-hopping all night. You haven't really watched anything. You haven't really played anything.

Snookies1251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Nah, I've seen PLENTY of games that were out for a week or two where people hadn't even gotten the first tutorial trophy/achievement. It's definitely common. I recall this being the case for several titles the past year or two. At least, for the ones I was actively looking to get trophies/achievements on.

z2g51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well with gamepass it’s more likely. You can just try stuff. If you’re not feeling it, you won’t feel out money to not play it anymore. I’m always trying random stuff and I prob stick with about a quarter of them.

FinalFantasyFanatic50d ago


Actually reminds me of one of the Neptunia game's Playstation Trophies "think any reviewers won't get this one?" Which is awarded after the tutorial or first 10/15 minutes of the game.

VenomUK50d ago

33% of "Xbox Deathloop players haven't beaten the tutorial". And 13% of PS5 players haven't beaten the tutorial. Whilst we can crack a joke that it's because Xbox players find it too hard (downvote away!) Considering the tutorial is relatively short, it's most likely because many people aren't finding the intro compelling enough. Most of the PS5 players would've bought it new and so perhaps might have tried a bit longer with it, Xbox players who got it free with Game Pass might not be as patient as there is always something else to play.

RauLeCreuset50d ago


It's also part of PS+ Extra, which I think supports the real significant takeaway from this. The number of people who played a game is not a reliable enough metric on its own to gauge success and should be supplemental to sales metrics and other relevant metrics (when applicable), not a replacement.

Zega50d ago

I had it since launch only played 5 minutes, dont like it at all.

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KillBill50d ago

This game has one of the longest tutorials of any game I have played. You have to completely finish the first loop before being able to enter access code again and entering Updaam on your won for the achievement and tutorial to be finished. That means going through all 4 maps. All 4 times of the day. And most people won't simply kill themselves to quickly go through the loop. They will actually try and achieve objects placed down for them in the game tutorial.

I remember this because I thought it would be a quick achievement to unlock... but it was not.

KillBill50d ago

Ok. I double checked this and you only have to revive once through loop and then you finish the very first part of tutorial with achievement mentioned. (still though not finished with tutorial)

1Victor50d ago

@ adventurer: That's probably normal for most games.

That’s probably normal for most FPS gamers
🤦🏿 There I fix it for you
I don’t see anyone buying a rpg, platform, sports, and not playing the tutorial so no it’s not normal for most games

Babadook750d ago

Have it for PS+ Extra and haven't played a second yet. Need to get on that! lol

Abracadabra50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

This isn't news. Likely a lot of people tried the game on Gamepass and some didn't like it.
People on Gamepass aren't forced to play something they don't like. They simply move on.

I'm sure there are a lot of people on PC and PS5 that have the game and never finished the tutorial.

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TGGJustin52d ago

I mean I only booted it up to complete a quick Game Pass quest for points and then closed it. Pretty sure a ton of other people are the same. It's why I don't put any stock into Microsoft's whole player numbers PR.

Fishy Fingers52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

Not sure "a ton" of people are downloading 31GB for a GP quest, but sure.

SullysCigar51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Are you sure a ton of people didn't? How else can we explain that headline?

GP quest points is one plausible explanation. I'm sure there may be others. I guess it could be that a whole bunch of people just didn't like the game, in contrast to the reviews?

Fishy Fingers51d ago

Dont think it over matters either way, its "free". I have it as it flagged up on the homepage so I downloaded it for later.

Just query the likelihood that "a ton" of people would download for a quest. Doubt the majority of GP subs know about/track/care about the quests. If you do, download one thats 300mb :/

badz14951d ago

@Fishy Fingers

31GB is nothing nowadays

Petebloodyonion51d ago

I'll agree with Justin on this one, there's a quest related to Death loop and probably some ppl just power up the game to get the achievement.
Now, remember that you don't need to download the game since you can stream it from Xbox :).
But here's something that the article doesn't show:
How many ppl did fire up the game just for some point and played it?
Remember 2/3 of the player did complete the tutorial.

John_McClane51d ago

You don't have to download it if it's on xcloud.

Class_Viceroy50d ago

I could easily see people downloading a game to get points. It takes 5-10 minutes to download and boot the game. Not that hard of a task.

Also remember, you can load a game in Xbox Cloud Gaming and don’t even have to install.

philm8750d ago

A ton of people would only be about 10 or so by average weight, so he's probably underestimated it if anything.

gamer950d ago

I downloaded it and haven't even booted it up yet. Got sidetracked.

Nitrox50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

If we’re getting picky about wording… literally a ton of people would be like, 10 to 15 adult males between 150-200lbs each.

I think it’s reasonable to believe that many would do something like this.

Sorry… couldn’t resist 😏
I’ll go back to my hole now.

strifeblade50d ago

I did. I get like 15$ of game pass points monthly its addicting. I did the tutorial but will come back to finish the game way later

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DarthZoolu50d ago

We are on Xbox we don’t have to download GamePass games to play them. I can just press play now.

FlavorLav0150d ago (Edited 50d ago )

Enjoy the lag, crap frame-rates and sub 4k resolution. Really not something that great to brag about…

starsi36050d ago (Edited 50d ago )


Works fine if you don’t have terrible internet … and I find it a great way to see if I like something before committing to installing it

Juiceid50d ago

I did the same thing with the exception of not even getting the achievements because the game wasn’t worth the effort.

wiz719150d ago

Or is it just the fact it’s one of Arkane weakest games , we all knew that before it even came to gamepass .. so most ppl like myself didn’t bother once it hit GP ,

Christopher50d ago

***we all knew that before it even came to gamepass .. so most ppl like myself didn’t bother once it hit GP ,***

What? People knew it was the weakest before it came to gamepass, so people didn't bother but they did by playing it and stopping before the few minutes it took to finish the tutorial? None of what you said is lining up.

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Knushwood Butt52d ago ShowReplies(1)
Vengeance113851d ago

Just more evidence that it's best to actually pay for games. If you have money invested in the game, you'll stick around for atleast a few hours. No financial investment in games and you may never complete a whole game again let alone get passed the first few levels.

GamingSinceForever51d ago

That’s not accurate. I have a nice backlog of games that I simply couldn’t get into and I paid $$$ for them. On the flip side there were some PS Plus games that I managed to get through because they grabbed my attention.

Crows9051d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Well he was probably assuming people don't waste and throw away money like that. What the heck is the point of purchasing a game you won't even play. Backlog my ass. It's such a dumb thing to do. It's like buying clothes you won't wear or don't know if you'll wear.
Regardless his points stands. Financial investment increases the likelihood of sticking around a game longer. Normal statistics at work here.

EvertonFC51d ago

Agreed, I used a company called "boomerang rentals" in the UK during the ps3 era and found myself sending games back too soon without giving the game a good chance metro series being a good example.
I've since completed all metro games and there fantastic but using the rental service I sent the 1st game back thinking it was crap how wrong I was lol.

GamingSinceForever51d ago

Crows90…That is literally the most ignorant thing I’ve hearing here today and that is saying a lot. I never said that I bought games knowing that I wouldn’t play them, I said I bought games and wound up not being able to get into them like I thought I would. Sometimes I am able to get into some of them at a later date. Cyber Punk is an example of one of them. I’ve heard that it’s a great game but it has yet to grab me.

Nobody is going to force feed themself a game that bores them over a few dollars. Time is more valuable in gaming especially as we get older.

If you don’t have a backlog you aren’t a real gamer. You’re a casual that gets a couple of games a year tops. That’s a fact.

EvertonFC50d ago

Agree somewhat with what you've said but I totally disagree with you're last statement about you're not a real gamer if don't have a backlog.
We were in lockdown for the best part of a year and half during the Pandemic and I'm baffled gamers still have a backlog ?
Didn't gamers get through there backlogs during a virus Pandemic during a global lockdown ?

DarthZoolu50d ago

I pay for games I am interested in. GamePass allows me to check and see if I actually want to pay for this game later. I have bought more games than ever since starting GamePass.

EvertonFC50d ago

I think gamers who try games through GP or ps plus and then buy them when there cheaper is probably very few and far between.
I've enjoyed many games on ps plus or psnow back in the day and said I'll buy it to support the dev when it's cheaper but never do as this hobby is expensive enough and there's always a new game coming out which stops me from buying the game cheap.

NotoriousWhiz50d ago

How about people can spend their time and their money however they want? If they want to try and never finish a bunch of games, that's their choice. If they want to play fewer games but 100% all of them, then thats fine too. No one's use of free time is better than anyone else's.

rippermcrip50d ago

So you're arguing that it is better to pay for games because if you pay for it you'll keep playing it even though you don't like the game?

Zhipp50d ago

That's what it sounds like to me. He's arguing against his own point. Besides, why would anyone stop playing a game they enjoy just because they didn't pay for it? That's ridiculous.

Lightning7750d ago

Yep that's exactly what he's saying. He bought 200 games last gen and beat every single last one of them. He's also beat every game he bought since this gen has started as well.

Yeah he's full of crap.

wiz719150d ago

I’ve done the same with games I’ve paid for , if the game isn’t that good that’s just what it is ..

Desperadoo50d ago

this is facts, i dont have anything to back it up but when i had PSnow.. i had to much to play that i never even stayed on a game to long.... you get overwhelmed and never settle to actually focus on a game

fitofficial50d ago

I paid for it and played it for about an hour. Haven't picked it up since and likely won't. Wasted money.

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I didn't play it much at all on PC mainly because it's like the movie Groundhog Day.

Snakeeater2551d ago

Yeah I played it for 7hour on ps5 when it came out and it’s alwais the same. It’s really boring and with no interesting story or even characters.


Yeah, not much fun at all. I still cannot believe it won GOTY awards and others.

CBaoth51d ago Show
EvertonFC51d ago

I found the gun mechanic's and aiming to be shite and couldn't get passed 1 hour.

Bathyj51d ago

I wish it was as good as Groundhog day

gleepot50d ago

except it tries way too hard to be funny and edgy

Knushwood Butt50d ago

Yeah, I played some more and the script is awful.

Feel sorry for the voice actors.