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Darren writes: "There’s lots to love about DEATHLOOP, along with its sizzling style and refreshing gameplay structure."

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SDuck180d ago

Haven't this game come out months ago?

Julion0715180d ago

Jus released for Xbox console like a week ago

Knushwood Butt179d ago

Started playing it yesterday.
Apart from the interesting art direction it just feels like an average PC FPS with a Bioshock vibe. On top of that the combat/gunplay doesn't feel satisfying, and the enemies are these weird mannequins that disappear after you 'kill' them.

I'll give it some more time but not impressed so far.

Looking at the trophy stats it's an acquired taste. I only played for about an hour and the second trophy I popped only has a 60% acquisition rate, so 40% of players bailed in less than the time I have played.

Witchcraft179d ago

What a coincidence that you've waited a year to start (down)playing it right when the game joined GP lineup. And what a surprise - you barely touched the game (if at all), but immediately rushed to say you're "not impressed" and spent time to research anything negative about it, including achievement acquisition rates.

You're not even trying to fool anyone, come on.

Knushwood Butt179d ago

It has just been released on PS Plus Extra.

Do some research before lashing out.

Witchcraft179d ago

I stand corrected, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

Well, maybe not on the last sentence ;)

Knushwood Butt179d ago

Fair enough, but regarding trophies, it shows acquisition rates for all trophies, including hidden ones should you wish, so one glance and you can see the percentage. I didn't do any 'research' on it beyond glance at my trophies.

Julion0715179d ago

Exactly I’m loving the game on my series x. The different approaches you can take the clues the world changing with the time of day all kinds of mysteries it’s a great game 8.5 so far for me

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ChubbyBlade179d ago

I really just can’t get into it. It’s very tiresome