Difficulty Options Are Essential

GameLuster writes: “We explore why providing an option to customise difficulty is a must. It allows more people to play video games, and that’s never a bad thing.”

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Fearmonkey53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

The people that say get good and cry moar are younger than 40 most likely, when you are above 40 you dont tend to enjoy super hard games as your game time is limited. Souls like games interest me but i don't enjoy them or play them much, im there for the story, then move on to the next game. I dont have time to get good as i have life responsibilities and slowed reaction time.

BrainSyphoned53d ago

If you want a story try a book or a YouTube recap. If you want an easy game I hear there are thousands of video games on our backlogs, I'm sure you will find one that suits you. As a 43 year old with a hereditary arthritic disease--get good or find something else.

20nmrtnz53d ago

Get good at accepting that people have different taste. Get good at not forcing your beliefs on people. Keep getting good and remember, it's just a game!