What Cyberpunk 2077's Resurgence Means For CD Projekt Red's Future

With both the recent anime and Cyberpunk 2077's upcoming Phantom Liberty DLC, the game's reversal of fortunes is good news for the developer.

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MadLad58d ago

Hopefully it was a humbling situation for them.

I see so many condemning them for the release, but they've pretty much been one of the most consumer friendly game companies since their inception.

Just hope I can say that come their next release.

neutralgamer199258d ago

Yes but what you doing understand is most of the OG members have left and joined other studios. This isn't the same CD Project Red. Also we had every right to condemn them because they hid the the console footage before release

Just because in the past they were consumer friendly don't mean anything. Go back and research how many patches Witcher 3 required before it became the game we remember today

MadLad58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

GoG is still easily the most consumer friendly storefront.
The head of the company,.from the beginning, is still the head of the company.
The expansions they made for Witcher 3 were larger and better quality than most RPGs released today.
They have been actively working to improve on what Cyberpunk released as.

Again; I think any studio has the right to make a blunder once in a while. It shouldn't define them. And there's a reason most developers don't even attempt to make an open world experience on the level of something like ES, GTA, and the Witcher.

Crows9058d ago

But you should also understand that normally you wait to see their next game before assuming that the real talent has left. For all we know that awesome talent that left is the reason the game cyberpunk released the way it did. Sooooo...I'd hold judgement till their next game.

PapaBop58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I wouldn't consider Cyberpunk's release consume friendly at all though. Their approach to DLC and MTs in general is commendable but releasing a game that clearly was not ready for release is one thing, giving reviewers PC only copies of the game to review while hiding the fact the console versions ran like a cheap meth'd up hooker is another and they quite deservedly should get bashed for.

Having said that though, Cyberpunk was an ambitious project that really deserves a second chance as the world is amazing. I hope the popularity of edgerunners means we will be seeing a lot more Cyberpunk stuff for years to come, be that game or more seasons.

MadLad58d ago

Part of the reason they released, as was, was because they had subsidized loans that paid a lot of the development costs of the game, itself.

If they didn't release, they'd have to pay back to the state the entirety of the loan.

People forget this is still an indie dev, and they now release everything themselves.

No Man's Sky gets a giant pass for being, basically, an Early Access title for years, but people criticize Cyberpunk for being a botched release that they have also been improving upon since launch.

Crows9058d ago

Well most people would look at the whole picture. Witcher 1,2 and 3. Consistently delivering great story and games. However, common sense should have cautioned people from pre ordering anything at all but especially from a devs first foray into something new.

Killer2020UK57d ago

100%. CD Project Red shouldn't be condemned, the idiot execs who made mad claims, pushed through a release despite pleas from the devs and then oversaw the shit show of a release with much disingenuity should be the ones being condemned.

Like you say, their historic practices surely but them some good faith and the fact they've worked hard to try to right their wrongs should count for something. People really can't complain about how long it has taken them either as rushing things through was exactly the problem in the first place.

thorstein57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

I think you missed the point. it isn't the crappy release, and it was crappy on every level on every platform. I am willing to forgive and forget if they follow through on their promises.

Next Gen PS5 and XBXSX were supposed to be far superior and "truly next gen." We were also told they would support the game for a long time.

Instead, PS5 and XBSX versions were not what was promised and they are doing only 1 expansion. 1. Those are lies. They are not delivering what they sold. I supported them. I want the game they promised. I want what they promised and was willing to support them after the mishaps, but when they basically said they're done with the game, then it is fair for consumers to say, fine, we're done with you, liars.

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Godmars29058d ago (Edited 58d ago )

It means they got away with exactly what they've been doing with the Witcher games, only to greater more notable degree. That the next time it'll be luck they don't do ever worse with cross media project ready to make up for it.

Crows9058d ago

Yes. They're an indie developer during the entirety of the witcher saga. They only became mainstream because of the open world fetish people have.

Profchaos58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

The red engine is being retired and the exec board learnt a very valuable lesson.

We can only hope that the next Witcher game on unreal 5 is given the room to breathe and the team are allowed to learn the tools to the full extent to deliver another great game.

The engine did cause a significant portion of the delays as it was being expanded upon and built upon while the game was in production and that caused many issues. Now that an external party handles the engine we should I hope a faster delivery of the game with less issues

SurgicalMenace58d ago

One would hope great things, unfortunately, where the gaming community is now there'll never be redemption. A good majority of gamers expect nothing less than perfection as we're now in a world where opinions are heralded no matter how unqualified those offering them are. CD has done a great job in lue of Cyberpunk's rocky release and that earns them all the credit being afforded them. For all the naysayers still lurking dismiss them because a $60 game should never have that much of an impact on you anyway.

anast58d ago

People will forget if CDPR hits on their future releases. Winning cures almost everything.

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