Baldur's Gate 4 Has a Huge Uphill Battle Without Larian

With confirmation that Larian Studios will not develop another Baldur's Gate game, the fourth entry has a major challenge on its hands.

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kythlyn53d ago

Larian had big shoes to fill themselves. Hopefully another studio can pull off the same miracle, but uphill battle is an understatement at this point. It feels impossible that BG3 even exists and accomplishes what it does.

franwex53d ago

I doubt anyone will attempt a Baldur’s Gate 4 for minimum a decade. It took about 20 years to get a third one for a a reason.

shinoff218353d ago

I'd just copy every single thing larian did obviously with different story and characters. Sometimes innovation isn't needed at that particular time.

EternalTitan53d ago

Larian should have their own IP.

slayernz52d ago

have you not played the divinity games?

Eidolon52d ago

Some would argue it's not their IP though, as it's part of the Divinity series

slayernz51d ago

Ummm larian created divinity series so not sure what you are on about???

Eidolon51d ago

yep, got it mixed up with another developer.

RiseNShine53d ago

i remember in an interview that it was Larian asking constantly that they wanted to develop Baldurs Gate 3, there has to be some really ugly business going behind the scenes for them to leave in such a way, no DLC no sequel nothing, either they are getting very low return after the huge success, or some of the business practices they have seen are truly terrible.

slayernz52d ago

ive read elsewhere that WOTC are a nightmare to deal with, in particular i love the dragonlance series and they repeatedly shut down proposals for books and even tv series....so yeah one can only imagine whats happening over there now, them rubbing their greedy little hands together

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Xbox's Matt Booty implies Tango Gameworks closure was partly due to leadership change

Eurogamer: "Xbox's Matt Booty has spoken more on the closure of Tango Gameworks earlier this year."

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The Wood47m ago(Edited 37m ago)

I call BS on this. All metrics were met apparently or was that another lie. There's something deeper happening within xbox's management


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PlayStation’s Bluepoint Games is still working on an original title

“Everything takes time,” says studio’s technology head. “We are committed to sharpening our skills!”

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jznrpg17h ago

I’d rather devs took their time instead of trying to kill themselves trying to meet strict deadlines. Games end up better that way.

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