Madden NFL 23: Does It Offer Anything New

Marie from GameLuster writes: The new Madden NFL 23 feels more realistic, and the fact that the game is more complex giving you the freedom to change different preferences, it is much more fun to play.

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badboyz0962d ago (Edited 62d ago )


SurgicalMenace62d ago

Let's be real, what else can a sports game offer other than the ability to play it?

shinoff218360d ago

They can expand the offline single player franchise. Its whack and was better in mid 2000s. Not everyone plays online or cares about my team and thats where they invest all their resources into.

Retroman62d ago

"Madden NFL 23 : Does it Offer Anything New"

Nope. unless they will add Fans going to concession stand for beer.

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