Beyond Good & Evil 2 Is Now the Most Delayed AAA Game Ever

Ubisoft's action-adventure even beats Duke Nukem Forever which previously was the title with the longest wait between a game being first announced and it actually being released.

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x_xavier_x59d ago

I understand that the original game is held in high esteem by some passionate fans. I tried to get into it on several occasions and I just lost interest after a few hours of gameplay.

Abracadabra59d ago

Beyond Good & Evil was a great game at the time... but, like most older games, it didn't age well. Gameplay and graphics are subpar by today's standards.

Wouldn't mind if they made a Remake with updated gameplay and graphics. Game turns 20 next year...

x_xavier_x59d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I feel the same way about the original Psychonauts. I gave it a shot every few years, and it just wasn't for me.

MadLad58d ago

I find it still very playable by today's standards, honestly.

But opinions are opinions.
I just feel it actually aged well.

Godmars29058d ago

Its was great middleware that someone thought would make for an even greater AAAA title.

For some reason...

0hMyGandhi58d ago

Beyond Good and Evil aged just fine, as did the original Psychonauts. Visually, sure, a bit rough (though both have a wonderfully refreshing art style that more than makes up for actual "visual fidelity".)

I'd say that you really need to give both of these games another shot. Psychonauts is one of the most original and utterly creative games I've ever played, and it's also one of the funniest as well. Psychonauts 2 was even better, and basically, a (well made) Pixar movie brought to life.

In all honesty, don't just play games and try to like them if you don't actually like them. It's perfectly fine to have your own tastes! we tend to use a tremendous amount of hyperbole when referring to games that are slightly older, and we speak only from memory, which *can* be deceiving.

I will say that I replayed the first Psychonauts again in the last few months, and still adore it. But like I said, this is all subjective.

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poppatron58d ago

I gave up on the og psychonauts after about 5 or so hours because like many many people those weird sluggish controls just got the better of me while trying to get through some of the more testing platforming and swinging around parts.

BgaE I got way further in enjoyed, I think I saved it off in the end because something I was more interested in came out. The sequel looks like a completely different type of game in genre and scope, to the point it looked pretty ground breaking I thought. I’m still super low key excited for it, although I wouldn’t be surprised if next time it reared it’s head it looked very very different.

EazyC58d ago

It's an age thing. I'm always reminded of this when I whip out the old PS2, the vast majority of 3D games from the '00s just haven't aged well.

Good-Smurf58d ago

I have same feeling over Code Veronica X fans loved it to bits while I'm came out of it confused and disappointed.
I never played Beyond Good & Evil and I might get give it a try soon.

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OtterX59d ago

Cancel it or change the name for all I care. This isn't the Beyond Good & Evil I fell in love with.

Si-Fly59d ago

Weird take. Whilst we didn’t get proper gameplay reveals it looked very much how I would want BG&E to look now.

-Foxtrot59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

So you wanted an ambitious open world Beyond Good and Evil sequel that gameplay differs from the original and has no clear vision so far if it's a prequel (which no one wanted) or a sequel (with an evil Jade where she's not the main character, which no one wanted)

All people wanted was a full on sequel that's a platformer and continues Jades story.

-Foxtrot59d ago


It's not Beyond Good and Evil

They had an idea for an ambitious new IP and thought it would sell better or had more of a safety net if they slapped on a franchise name.

isarai58d ago

Seriously, has absolutely nothing to do with the original other that a loose cameo.

CrimsonWing6959d ago (Edited 59d ago )

How hard is it to make a game like the original? Nobody wanted anything different and these idiots just insist on trying to make something completely unrelated AND they don’t even know what to make! So, yea, here we go with the delays. Ubisoft can be such an obnoxious publisher/developer.

InklingGirl59d ago

Just leave it alone, the original is a classic lets not ruin it.

Exvalos59d ago

I'm more worried about how fast that time went i still remember it being announced there is no way that was that many years ago NO WAY!

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