Dunkey Wants To Be A Publisher. As A Dev, I’m Concerned

In a guest post for TheGamer, an indie developer in search of a publisher explains why some devs will avoid Dunkey's new Bigmode company

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GoodGuy0961d ago

I wish him luck and hope he does well. Time will tell whether he fails or succeeds.

Snookies1261d ago (Edited 61d ago )

I mean, it's cool he's pushing for something like this. Don't ever see things like this happening. But he better be ready for people to "rag" on his published games from here on out. Hope he can take as much as he can dish out in his videos. Saying things like he wants to call games out for being trash, while giving the hidden gems limelight. I'm rooting for him, but have a feeling this isn't going to go as smooth as he might want it to.

porkChop61d ago

Why would you be concerned? If you don't want to work with him then don't. You bring up that you could just self publish. Well if you're in a position to self publish and don't actually need to partner with anyone, then why would your opinion be relevant here?

"but Bigmode could hire people with experience marketing and publishing games to help bridge the experience gap. If they have, that’s something they’d mention, because questions about their inexperience are obviously going to come up."

Bro. Bigmode just started. They haven't even tried to publish anything yet. Just because they haven't hired staff on day one, you're assuming they have no intention to. Which is my big issue with all of your concerns. It's all based on assumptions. You haven't reached out to Dunkey to understand how Bigmode operates, you haven't asked about the contracts, you haven't asked him to explain how he can identify a good game early on, etc.

I also want to point out your bs take on how judging a finished product is different from judging a game that's early in development. You're again assuming Dunkey couldn't possibly do it. Dunkey found Celeste way before anyone else. He followed the game and its development before and after release, and he made videos on day 1 to promote it. Celeste went on to win Best Indie Game, and was also nominated for Game of the Year alongside giants like God of War, Spider-Man, and Red Dead Redemption 2. It was a massive success in both sales and quality. One of the devs has now publicly supported Dunkey and Bigmode. That was not just an accident.

monkey60260d ago

What the F' kind of spiteful BS is this?!

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The story is too old to be commented.