Is Blu-Ray Failing Because PS3 is Failing?

Hardcore Christian Gamer writes: "Hey remember the format wars? That's right, long ago and far away there were once two different types of High Definition movies. There was HD-DVD and Blu-ray, both looked the same visually but Blu-ray had a larger storage capacity and better backing from the movie industry. Panelist debated long and hard over who would be the winner of the format war. The nail in the coffin however was when Warner Bros decided to go Blu-ray exclusive. Blu-ray disc was finally given the crown of the king of HD and skeptics speculated that the PS3 would skyrocket in the area of in-home-install-base due to the Playstation 3 being the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market.

It's easy to associate the PS3 with Blu-ray. Sony took the title as the HD winner and used it till it's juices were squeezed right out. With Blu-ray being the HD winner why wouldn't you think that Sony would do well with their Blu-ray player that happens to play video games? The problem itself doesn't even lie with Blu-ray although some may argue that society wasn't ready for an upgrade in movie watching yet (C'mon the Wii doesn't even play DVD's). It could be possible that part of the blame for Blu-ray's lack of appeal has to do with the small installed base of the Playstation 3."

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foo3588d ago

they are both succeding... hardcore christian gamer lol

LightningPS3PS33588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

I think it's pathetic that people take away my bubbles for saying the truth. I guess I hurt the feelings of PS3 fans, I don't know.

But I'll be honest, Blu ray seems to be catching on, it's made it further than the formats that fail, so I think blu ray will probably be okay because it's made it this far.

And I think Blu ray succeeding makes the PS3 cool to the mainstream and that will make a difference.

But... the fact will "always" remain that video game consoles are purchased by people who play "games", not HD movies.

If Sony wants to compete in the game department, they are gonna have to open their wallets and price the thing competitively for "gamers", they haven't answered the call from Microsoft this year at all and NPD figures speak for themselves.

PS3 is not gonna get it done with more NPD months like November. Just have to face that reality. The solution for PS3 is loud and clear.

meepmoopmeep3588d ago

it's just an article guys, from the delusional, but still...
chillax.. hehe

morganfell3588d ago

Someone is out of touch with reality. They should spend more time looking at sales figures and less time on their knees groveling through a hymn to his majesty.

N4360G3588d ago

LOL has the guy who wrote this silly news article been living under a rock for the past few months? Both are doing fine and will continue to do good next year.

ChampIDC3588d ago

Sony being in last place in the console war doesn't mean they're failing. Yeah, maybe Nintendo is succeeding more than them, but if they're doing well enough to keep bringing out the consoles, they're doing fine.

Plus, Blu-Ray isn't failing. DVD was the same way when it first arrived. It'll catch on more as the years go on and prices come down.

Mozilla893588d ago Well he may not write the best articles or have the best name but you can't knock the guy for being Christian.

BlackCountryBob3588d ago

"But... the fact will "always" remain that video game consoles are purchased by people who play "games", not HD movies."

I would assume that also counts downloadable HD movies?

I bought my PS3 for games but the added value of surfing the net and playing BluRays helped me when I put down my £400 18 months ago.

Proxy3588d ago

Didn't I read an article stating Sony wanted the PS3 to fail, but for Blu-ray to succeed? Now this...

Strikepackage Bravo3588d ago

So let me get this straight, the author should spend less time praying for the salvation of his soul, and more time searching the internet for articles that convince us all how great the ps3 and bluray are?


jadenkorri3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

what, you telling us the truth, yes we all see that your an idiot and dumb a$$ 360fanboy,thats the truth their, you try hiding your 360 fanboyism by taking a name of LightningPS3PS3, the truth is your a fanboy trolling from article to article approving crap articles like these, how to save the ps3, how to save blu ray... I would bet 1 million dollars that if MS released Blu ray 3 years ago, you would be praising it head over heels and making fun that the ps3 don't have it. Its fanboys like yourself and ps3fanboys that are ruining this site every day, this site used to be good, and i come to it less and less cause of crap articles like these. PS3 is not failing, Blu ray is not failing, neither is the wii or the 360... there doing fine... If your unhappy about your 360 this much that you have to defend it every day, get rid of it and get a Wii. im not recommending a PS3 cause by your mentality, the ps3 is failing...

morganfell3588d ago

@1.10, He obviously isn't a Christian. The word Christian denotes Christ-like. I am an atheist (common sense person) myself. So he needs to stop pretending and wasting all of the time he spends pretending and do some actual research.

n4gzz3588d ago

Your logic simply sux.
360 plays dvd. You don't have problem with that, do you ??

PS3 has blue-ray. It gives more space to work on for games and it plays blue-ray movies. Its called moving forward. Otherwise, you would still be using same computer that need floppy disk to boot up and no hard drive.

CobraKai3588d ago

His next article should be how HD-DVD will sweep the nation

ThanatosDMC3588d ago

I remember those days when lightning had tons of bubbles and he was as terrible as La Chance with fanboism. Now that his chips (bubbles) are down, he's trying to be sensible. Sadly for him, people remember his name and his trolling.

I'd bubble him like crabs but he just wasnt funny.

jadenkorri3588d ago

lol, i totally agree, once you troll and defend either console, your gonna be called a fanboy regardless, i used to have 5-6 bubbles, but i lose them making fun of fanboys so its kinda hard sometimes to keep them, funny i always have more agrees, but lose bubbles....oh well its just a site, eventually maybe one day fanboys will see the light and enjoy gaming....

gaffyh3588d ago

LMAO - guys we knew this article was coming, with the positive articles last week cos of Dark Knight, it was bound to happen.

Megaton3588d ago

Well no one ever accused Christians of being good with facts.

Another day, another Blu-Ray is dying/dead story on N4G.

morganfell3588d ago

Ha ha Xiphos, true and well said. Bubbles.

DaTruth3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Just came from Blockbuster; I must say, it's not difficult to find a Bluray copy of anything you want, while the Dark knight DVD copies are all sold out. Stated as a proud Bluray PS3 owner!

@Xiphos: Ya, cause we know how good scientists are with facts, oh those aren't facts they're theories; Wonder why they throw them around like facts.

XxZxX3587d ago

hardcore christian is like hardcore muslim, both gave two very good religion a bad name.

StephanieBBB3587d ago

It's not what your currently posting that is taking away your bubbles it's your PS3 and Sony bashing history that's not too popular.

Rename yourself something other than LightningPS3 and say the exact same thing as you do now and watch as your agree's will rise.

baum3587d ago

"Ya, cause we know how good scientists are with facts, oh those aren't facts they're theories; Wonder why they throw them around like facts."

If you wonder so much, then why don´t you do your research for a change? The funny thing, you call them "Just theories" (what are you referring to? Are you saying that all scientific knowledge is "just" a theory?), which clearly shows either your ignorance or lack of understanding of how science works.

Also, by saying "just", you're implying theories are worthless, and therefore undermining the scientific achievement that pretty much gave all of us all of the conforts we live with, including the things you're using to communicate us your ignorance over the internet.

Last but not least, I don't know if you're a religion advocate, or if you simply do not believe everything science tells you just because "it's a theory". Well, I've got news for you, many things you use every day (like medicine) depend on "theories" that will always remain as THEORIES and not facts, because to prove them would require us to time travel billions of years into the past to actually confirm everything happened the way scientists did. The reason they are called theories is because they are most likely how things happen(ed).

If you think religion or conspiracy theories or any other idea taken of someone's ass is a "theory", I've got bad news for you, those don't even classify as hypothesis because they are not predicting anything. Go back to school.

LoVeRSaMa3587d ago

8===o~~ <CC><

Hardcore Christian Gamer LOL.

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Nathan Drake3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Really?Are we really THAT desperate for negative BluRay articles?

SKUD3588d ago

"Hardcore Christian Gamer"

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. WOW.

Ju3588d ago

I don't understand this. Are these guys "hard core Christians" gaming, or are they "hard core gaming" Christians? (I always get this picture of a guy running around with a crucifix punishing people in my head, when I read this. Why, oh why ??)

Dark General3588d ago

I think it's a "Hardcore gaming" christian site. He has a review of Fallout 3 up. It's actually not that bad of a review. Surprisingly.


my girlfriend loves her PS3 i got her for Christmas, she got me devils rejects on bluray and other movies, but know nothiong is failing because its just the begining, im not worried and no one else should be either, Have a good one guys and Gals

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LoVeRSaMa3587d ago

Wow, could that banner get any Worse?

I think lots of "Hardcore Christian Gamers" brought HD-DVD Drives, and are butthurt.

LightningPS3PS33588d ago

All PS3 could do was kick start Blu ray, but for Blu ray to go mainstream it has to be with stand alone players. Blu ray goes beyond just the PS3.

On that same token, I think Blu ray being more mainstream makes the PS3 cooler to people, but I don't think that blu ray alone is enough for PS3. to compete in the video game department, Sony has to price the thing competitively because I still think video games consoles are purchased by people who care about video games not HD movies. And that will never change.

Obviously, this year Sony did not price the PS3 competitively for gamers, and the sales figures speak for themselves.

gamesmaster3588d ago

this year? ps3 outsold the xbox nearly every month until the 360 got its price cut (in the last quarter) sony wasn't and isn't ready for their price cut yet economically as a business. the ps3 is a strong enough brand to withstand MS and Nintendo until a price cut is viable.

TheExodus3588d ago

PlayStation is a strong enough brand to withstand 360 & Wii? That certainly explains it's 21 percent market share. If current sales trends continue in '09 PS3 will be lucky if it has a 15 percent market share come spring!

poopsack3588d ago

Wow, embarrassment for Christians everywhere. Myself included.