Far Cry’s best game gets brutally realistic as mod remakes Ubisoft FPS

The Far Cry series’ best game – not Far Cry 6 – just got more brutal and realistic thanks a mod than revamps and remakes the classic Ubisoft open-world FPS

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lonewolf10605d ago

Far Cry 2 where your guns never ever jammed until you got into a gunfight is their best? I disagree.

MIDGETonSTILTS17605d ago

I liked 3 more.

The malaria angle was more annoying than immersive.

And, the enemy AI had too good of eyesight to allow any stealth. They’d spot you a literal half mile away, I hated it.

lonewolf10605d ago

Yeah, some weird mechanics for sure, some did really enjoy it, I certainly didn't.

bloop604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

The map was designed badly and an absolute pain to navigate from what I can remember too. You ended up having to go to the same few places all the time and there was a huge inaccessible area between them that you had to go around.

It definitely had the best physics system of the entire franchise, but a lot of the mechanics took the enjoyment out of it.

LordoftheCritics605d ago

It was fun for its time but a bunch of those systems today won't survive a launch weekend.

Profchaos604d ago

I'd say it was their most ambitious and had the best setting to date next to the original island.

But gameplay wise it was clunky and maybe it was released to early if the teams had modern systems to build it on the game would have been much better less corridors more open and less gaurd outposts that auto regen

Knushwood Butt604d ago

How do you use guns when not in a gunfight? Shooting trees?

lonewolf10604d ago

Yes and you could do that for hours in FC2 with a gun and it wouldn't jam, not hard to grasp is it.

Knushwood Butt604d ago

I see.

I haven't spent hours shooting trees.

I must try it.

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MajorLazer605d ago

Love Far Cry 2 on Infamous difficulty.

Hikoran605d ago

This should be an opinion piece. Not news.

Gwiz605d ago

Blood Dragon is much better.

Pedrof605d ago

Far Cry 2 may certainly not be the most "fun" game in the series but from a narrative standpoint it definitely is the most interesting of the bunch. FC2 couldn't be further away from the pointless fragfests that the following episodes turned out to be.