"Diablo" veteran David Brevik has just joined the "Torchlight: Infinite" team

"XD Inc. are today very proud and delighted to announce an agreement with the "Diablo" veteran David Brevik to become consulting producer on "Torchlight: Infinite"." - XD Inc.

HeliosHex665d ago

Torchlight 1 and 2 were great Diablo clones. I don't know what the hell happened to 3.

PhillyDillyDee664d ago

Dear publishers, stop using the word infinite.


Torchlight: Infinite’s Biggest Update Ever Is Here

XD Games is happy to showcase the newest season of Torchlight: Infinite. This season is packed with fresh modes, enticing extras, and more!

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"Stars Reach" MMORPG Announced by Raph Koster: A Spiritual Successor to Star Wars Galaxies

Discover "Stars Reach," the new MMORPG by Raph Koster, featuring a dynamic universe, procedurally generated planets, and robust player housing and economy.

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MestreRothN4G6h ago

Raph Koster wrote the #1 most influential game design book. Nice to see a game coming from him.


Lost Soul Aside Confirmed for ChinaJoy 2024

Game director Yang Bing will attend the event for an interview on July 26th. New gameplay will also potentially be showcased.

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