Crisis Core's Worst Gameplay Mechanic Has Finally Been Fixed

The DMW was one of the most annoying gameplay mechanics of all time. Thankfully, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII's remake appears to have fixed it.

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Snookies1264d ago

I never found it annoying at all, personally.

RPGer63d ago

Right? I can't comprehends how most of RPG fans are ok with random encounters for decades, but can't take the random buff, special attack etc.

garos8263d ago

i played it recently for the very first time and boy was it annoying as hell, especially because of the frequency of it happening. it gets old super fast and this is from someone who doesnt mind random encounters

jznrpg64d ago

Well we will see . What’s annoying to some may not be an issue to others . I have the PSP version so I’ll definitely compare .

Nerdmaster63d ago

That's great, since it's the main reason I stopped playing it on the PSP. I'm not sure it'll be enough to pull me back to it once again, especially since the plot is not my cup of tea (I hate the "I have a very good reason to be doing this thing that seems evil, but you wouldn't understand it if I explained" plot device), but it does count as a huge plus.

Hofstaderman63d ago

I didn’t find it annoying. I do hope the text that they gonna add to see the list of buffs is legible.