Play Halo Infinite, Deathloop, and More with Xbox Cloud Gaming on the Logitech G CLOUD Handheld

At Xbox, we’re always looking to make gaming available to more people in more ways. So today, we’re announcing that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be available in more places with the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld when it launches in North America on October 17.

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darthv7278d ago

I can pretty much do the same thing with my steamdeck. I get that MS doesn't need to make their own dedicated portable... not anymore. this unit for $300 looks to be pretty decent for other stuff as well, not just xcloud gaming.

crazyCoconuts77d ago

Fact that you could get a steam deck for $100 more and play a wide variety of games without an awesome network connection... Dunno, this device could be ok for around the house I guess, but for a lot cheaper imo. Like $150

XiNatsuDragnel78d ago

I see very interesting but xbox portable would probably be better imo

Sgt_Slaughter77d ago

The portable market is dead unfortunately. Phones pretty much ended that as we know it. Going from 150M+ units sold for the DS to only 75M or so for the 3DS is why Nintendo combined markets, Phones chewed right into it.

crazyCoconuts77d ago

I agree with you for the most part, but the switch has been really successful and I think I read somewhere that hardly anyone plays it docked, so it's not being used as a hybrid but I could be wrong.
You're right in that the market is WAY smaller than it used to be

crazyCoconuts77d ago

It would be even better for MS to make GamePass/MS store work on the steam deck. That way you're not locked into just their marketplace. But for an Xbox fan (I don't mean this in a bad way) I can see how a windows based portable that just plays PC game pass/MS store games would be a neat thing indeed

darthv7277d ago

to your comment above, I dont play my oled switch docked. to me its a waste of that screen. If i want to play docked i will use my sons regular switch model.

UltimateOwnage77d ago

Cloud gaming on a handheld, hard pass... Cloud gaming is still pretty terrible even on a dedicated, cable connected device let alone one connecting over wifi. Sounds like someone in charge at Logitech loves the buzz word “cloud” and demanded a handheld be made regardless of whether it was a good idea. I’ll stick with my steam deck.

saint_seya77d ago

Well it works great for me. I guess on cloud gaming depends on your net, servers and how far are you from servers. Dunno where the servers are located here in Argentina, but works great for me, feels like is faster response time than playing regular games online with 50-60 latency.

77d ago
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