Embracer’s CEO disappointed by Saints Row’s ‘polarising’ reception

But Lars Wingefors suggests it’s too early to make any calls on the future of the franchise

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crazyCoconuts672d ago

I'm not sure the definition of polarizing applies when the vast majority of reviews have been sub-par to terrible. Not like there's a group of people out there pitching this for game of the year.

Christopher671d ago

Polarizing doesn't mean one side hates it the other side loves it. Could just be hate and people who find it okay.

It is definitely one of those games that gets more attention than normal from people who have never even touched it (see metacritic use scores). I personally wouldn't call those fans.

I see a lot of potential in what they've done for the future but would like better developers and writers behind it.

crazyCoconuts671d ago

I think it's used to highlight extreme differences...polar opposites are as far apart as possible. Magnetic polarity, North Pole south pole kinda stuff. But semantics aside, honestly asking here because I haven't played it due to the reviews: have they built anything new and innovative that creates a foundation for the future? From the reviews it sounded like a regression compared to earlier games on all counts except for graphics

Christopher671d ago

***I haven't played it due to the reviews: have they built anything new and innovative that creates a foundation for the future?***

1. I love having to explain the game to people who haven't played it but have an opinion on it just based on reviews.

2. There's world building where you set up different enterprises in areas you decide on. Some of these have movie influences on the world and they could go much heavier on that. In an area where you set up fraud business they could have had evolved that region to show more people committing fraudulent activities, for example. There are over a dozen businesses that you can put down in any region of the map.

The fact that the full cast is directly tied to all the players in some way before you even start the game is great set up for a coherent story where it's not just this hang over here but there's a tie to those gangs on a personal level. But they could have gone way more adult rather than teen youth in writing this stuff.

They removed ranked side mission things from past games and I think they made it too easy. Example is a ride along mission where you are in the passenger seat shooting as someone else drives off, they all have 3 accomplishments that essentially just mean play the mission 2 or 3 times to accomplish, it doesn't take into account actual skill since they're really easy to accomplish. The old games had those really hard missions you had to work at and it felt like an accomplishment, this just feels like more time but not hard.

Too many missions involve driving. It's not fun. They need more to what is there but I think the used driving as a crutch.

They had some interesting ideas for side missions with your companions, but they dragged on for too long. They need more ideas so they don't run a gag into the ground and beyond and have other ideas to move onto.

The hunting for collectibles you could put in your hideout church should be rewards and not time wasters of taking photos of them in the world of you find them. Some are rewards but most aren't and it's a time waster that doesn't add to the game other than waste time.

They could have gone as hard on customizing you church hideout like they did your character. It's mostly just anchor points for various sized collectibles, which are nice, but would have been nicer to do more.

Having to waste time selecting your favorite car rather than always have it spawned at your church hideout is annoying.

3. There's a ton in the game that showed that the developers either had very little time or were not experienced.

Very few cars on screen at once and definitely cars popping in and out.

The graphics are early PS4 quality.

AI could have been better. The game isn't easy all the time, but you only have a handful of different combat elements. More variety would be much better.

Repeating missions is a pain and it should give you the option afterward to immediately restart rather than the time waste of travel to the start point you have to go through.

Many missions also have the habit of forcing you to drive to someplace to actually start it when it could just teleport you there.

0hMyGandhi671d ago

When people speak of "polar opposites", they mean opposite ends of a spectrum.
I don't see many if just clamoring at the bit to claim this game is GOTY material (which, if they "loved" it, they would be doing).

The reception has been negative, with some of the more middling scores giving faint praise while ultimately giving it a mediocre score.

z2g671d ago

its actually at a 62 on metacric which would mean the vast majority of reviews are in the 6s. maybe thats what they mean by polarization. the ppl that don't like it think its worse than it is and the people that like it are just trying to defend it. i think its worth about a 6 personally speaking.

neutralgamer1992671d ago (Edited 671d ago )

Hopefully we can get SR 1-2 remastered collection. Do it like Capcom treat this reboot as booted and start a proper sequel after the 2nd. Capcom funded DMC and realized fans wanted older style DMC and took few years and then released DMC5

glennhkboy671d ago

Please be carful what you've wished for..... Remember GTA-The Trilogy remake?.......

Snakeeater25671d ago

A bad game is a bad game that’s all

Pyrofire95671d ago

Wow, I've never seen so many agrees and 0 disagrees.

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-Foxtrot672d ago


“but I’m with one hand happy to see lots of gamers and fans happy”

Don’t spin shit man, most people hate it

“I think we need to wait for the quarterly report in November to have more details around this”

Case in point where if you want change, don’t buy it, money speaks louder than words.

Profchaos671d ago (Edited 671d ago )

Agree it looked like a dumpster fire so its the first ever saints row game I've skipped I even brought gat out of hell.

Good for them on making a return on investment however when 90% of your animation work was copy and paste from sr3 it's hardly surprising not even joking its 100% the sane for ao maby movements like throwing grenades. The game was made in a shoestring budget and I bet the reboot had more to do with paying the voice actors less than they would have to bring back the original cast.

CobraKai671d ago

I feel like that’s how they spun DMC

Terry_B672d ago

The Fans wanted Saints Row..they didn't get it. It's that simple.

senorfartcushion671d ago

They got Neo-conservative Fast and Furious: the game

Terry_B671d ago

Hah, that's a funny and pretty accurate comparison ;)

glennhkboy671d ago

Nooooooo! Fast & Furious series are WAY better than this.... thing!!!

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chicken_in_the_corn672d ago

Shame that it has been hated on since it was first announced as being in development just for being a new game. What has happened to gaming?

glennhkboy671d ago

If the new development team think they have a better idea, a better taste, a better social commentary, why don't they create their own game series? The new SR game basically throw away all the things the old SR players love (be it the serious gang-sim of the 1&2; or the crazy si-fi 3&4), and try to "update" the series with their own taste.

LordoftheCritics672d ago (Edited 672d ago )

Even if 99% hate it and 1% like, that's still ''Polarising'' somehow in corporate speech.

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Btf_1991671d ago

And that 1% is Embracer themselves.