Babylon’s Fall is now being given away for free at some stores

From VGC: "Babylon’s Fall, the troubled Platinum and Square Enix RPG, is reportedly being given away for free at some GameStop stores.

As first noticed by @videogamedeals, the American chain of video game retailers is reportedly in the process of throwing away old stock of the game, which was pulled from sale earlier this month. "

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Christopher4d ago

I mean, if you want to play it up until February 2023, go at it. Surely better F2P games out there, though.

ZeekQuattro4d ago

I remember this pretty much happened to Anthem as well.

KillBill4d ago

No... Anthem is still being played today. Nothing was ever shut down or given away free from what I recall.

lonewolf104d ago

I was in the beta, why have a beta if you ignore a lot of/most of the feedback.


Usually betas are done way too late for any feedback other than bugs to really be useful at aa release day standpoint.

If a beta sucks the game is going to suck.

lonewolf104d ago

Sadly this wasn't always the case, but now with spiraling costs it seems the norm. They say Beta but mean demo now.

neutralgamer19924d ago

These betas aren't really betas though. You can't have beta a month before launch and take that feedback/fix issues

There should be a beta 6 months before release and then another 3 months before launch. Contrary to popular belief developers don't work on the game till last minute, it has to go for certification and from what I understand that usually happens a month or so before launch. There are way too many games launching before they are ready and this needs to stop. The ability to patch is good to have but publishers are taking advantage of this

lonewolf103d ago

Yeah as I said they are more demo's now more than anything useful, makes you wonder why they bother asking for feedback at all.

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