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Deathloop Xbox Review (MP1st) - Was Deathloop really worth the wait? Find this out and more in our in-depth review.

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z2g192d ago

nice. played it on ps5 and it is in fact a great game imo. i find the dialog and voice acting hilarious. i installed it on my series x mostly to see how it compared to the ps5 version (i have gamepass so its a risk free curiosity) but then it made me want to play through it again - especially with the golden loop update... so i'll do a second pass on the xbox version. looks and runs great. pretty much the same as the ps5 version including all graphics modes. it does feel ever so slightly cleaner on the series x, but this is a microscopic detail when comparing.

MehmetAlperTR192d ago

This is not a game to have 10/10..

HeliosHex192d ago

A 10! Meaning perfect? No, no, no this game is miles from perfect. They must have been high on shrooms when they wrote this review gtfo.

Epicor192d ago

No game is perfect and never will be. 10 does not mean perfect when it comes to reviews. Every game has some flaws.

Snakeeater25192d ago

It means the reviewer got paid lol