Is Deathloop On Xbox Worth The Wait?

Deathloop has belatedly arrived on Xbox Series X & S after a period of console exclusivity, but do you need to rush to play it on Game Pass?

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Snakeeater25184d ago

Well it’s free so …
The game is not fun but for free it’s worth to try a day

KillBill184d ago

Typical... game is raved on when it arrives on PS5. As soon as it is no longer exclusive all we hear is how it is just ok.

Army_of_Darkness184d ago


That's not true. I'm a ps5 gamer and I thought this game was lame with last gen graphics and ridiculously overhyped when it was exclusive to the ps5/pc... And I still do.

Snakeeater25184d ago

Killbill form day one I said the game was boring. A game with no story and weak protagonist is not form me even if it’s a ps5 exclusive. Like persona 5 it’s ps5 only and the game was really not for me.

Anomander184d ago

It is when it's free for Game Pass.

Elda184d ago

It's not free. It cost $15 a month to play on GP.

Lightning77184d ago

For ultimate it's 15. Regular is 10$

Concertoine184d ago

I got the next 2 years booked for $2.50 a month

Jin_Sakai184d ago

It might not be free but it’s much cheaper than paying $60 to play a single game when it launched on PlayStation last year.

Seraphim184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

@Jin_Sakai - well if one would've waited about a month or two it was only $20-30. idk why but I bought a copy last year, around or after Black Friday for $24.37. Actually been thinking about finally playing it but we'll see. I have about a dozen other games I still need to play and there are a TON of games releasing soon that I'm looking forward to.

Value is always going to be subjective. That is why each and every person needs to decide whether or not a game is worth buying day one, something they can wait for a price drop to buy if the desire is still there or skip altogether for various reasons. Thing is, without consumers buying games the industry wouldn't exist.

Brazz184d ago (Edited 184d ago )

You know... There's this ancient forgotten art of, "buy-play-sell".
It's such "complex thing", but believe me, once you learn how to "buy-play-sell" a game you will spend much less than Gamepass or PS+.


Not when you use Microsoft Rewards points towards your GP sub.

KillBill184d ago

@Seraphim "Thing is, without consumers buying games the industry wouldn't exist." ~ plenty of opportunity for Game Pass to change the philosophy on that. Devs can make just as much money on reoccurring rental contract options as what they might be used to seeing on simple game purchases. Game Pass has already reported much higher user spending from those in Game Pass than not. As well devs seeing better returns. Will it be successful for all devs? Likely not... but successful enough that the philosophy of buying is the only option is long gone.

strifeblade184d ago

Actually no I paid 110$ cad for 3 years of gamepass ultimate. And then split with a friend to share gamepass between 2 consoles. So it's actually 55$ for 3 years. So yeah it's not 15$ a month.

Gunstar75184d ago

It's free at the point of use.

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neutralgamer1992184d ago

It's not free man we are paying for GP and we don't own it

Sonyslave3184d ago

Watch all those 10/10 becomes 6/10 or 7.

tay8701184d ago

game definitely doesnt deserve 10s or even 9s for that matter. its not a bad game, just VERY overrated. its a solid 8.

DeusFever184d ago

For me, Deathloop was always 7/10. Game was overhyped by gaming press. Keep expectations in check and you won’t be disappointed.

aftershock184d ago

Absolutely not. One of the most boring overrated games of all time.

neutralgamer1992184d ago

Yes even though I own it on PS5 but just never got around to playing it and I will download it and give it a chance

More gamers will get to play we need to start thinking like gamers instead of corporations PR team

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