EVGA Quits NVIDIA, No More GeForce GPUs

In a shocking move, EVGA announced that they are quitting the GPU business with NVIDIA after 22 years & not offer any new graphics card.

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Number1TailzFan620d ago

Nvidia are getting quite greedy, will probably come back to bite them. It kind of has a little already in that they have such a huge amount of Ampere 3000 series to sell and not that many are buying, and now supposedly there is 4000 series already sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting to be released. That could be true with all the leaked photos that have come out.

Nvidia sold cards directly to miners during the mining boom, and Jensen talks of wanting higher margins. They're already trying to screw over 4000 series buyers by supposedly using a lower tier chip for the 4080 this time, and no doubt the 4090 will be very expensive.

There's no issue in the 4090 being expensive if the performance uplift is justified, it was only around 10-15% for the 3080 -> 3090 because they used the same tier chip, this time supposedly not the case. Which again is fine if true, as long as the 4080 still gets a large jump in performance as well as the other cards.

LordoftheCritics620d ago

I'm glad Intel and Amd exist but their drivers are poop.

darkrider619d ago

But wh? All my life I've listen people saying that. Why doesn't AMD hired experts to improve them? Is it that hard?

ABizzel1619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

AMD drivers have come a long way, they release regularly, and there are very few issues, so the early 2000s poor driver argument is just that an old one.

Intel, however, is in trouble and there are already rumors swirling that they might have soft launches of Alchemist just to release something, and just go mid-range laptop afterwards (which could still be released as mid / low-end desktop GPUs if the value is there).

Intel has shown they are adequate when it comes to the software side XESS had a good showing, and while drivers are missing a lot they still had an okay-ish first showing, but they're two generations behind NVIDIA in terms of GPU performance with the A770 at best being on par with the 2080ti (which is a feat on it's own for a new manufacture), but again this is Intel the other big name in gaming.

There chance has come and gone. They needed to launch in late 2021 or Q1 2022, but here we are about to roll into Q4 and still nothing when they said A770 would launch late Summer (which ends in 5 days). Intel now has to face RTX 4000 and RX 7000 both of which are offering flagships around 2.5x the A770 in performance if not more, the flood of RTX 3000 (still better performers than the A700) and the RX 6000 (possibly lower Raytracing performance, but likely a better value than the A770 with the 6650XT already dropping to $280 and the 6700 XT at $400 and less), and last but not least a FLOOD of GPUs rushing into the used market with prices on their way to dropping to nearly 2/3 of MSRP.

Intel is going to struggle to find a place outside of reviewers / benchmarkers / tech enthusiasts / and Intel loyalists and even then that seems like a hard buy for the majority of them.

FinalFantasyFanatic619d ago (Edited 619d ago )


AMD drivers haven't been bad for more than a few years now (they were getting much better before the 380/480 generation of cards from 6 to 7 years ago), the "bad drivers" comment is just a hold over expectation from before that time period or generation of cards.

I really don't understand why this false idea is still so prevalent, maybe because they'res significantly less AMD cards in the market than there are Nvidia ones.

XBManiac619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

Intel are crap on drivers... but AMD is a different history now. I have only seen problems with faulty motherboards or bad Windows installation, no problems on AMD side. It is performance what must AMD work on, like what they have done with Linux drivers and FSR. Something has changed in AMD and... I really like it.

Loktai619d ago

The AMD driver thing is literally just people repeating what they have heard from other people repeating what they heard from other people echoing down through the years.

Its like when you hear someone impersonate a Russian and mention communism and call each other Comrade in 2022 (Nobody under retirement age(in the 50s usually in russia) was an adult during communism which ended 3 decades ago)

Or like when you hear people say english people have bad teeth but in modern UK thats not a thing.

Literally any time I can remember when a friend or coworker had a system bluescreening or screwing up because of corrupted or bad drivers or some kind of conflict its been an NVIDIA card (And yes I know it could be coincidence in my bubble but its still my experience). All the cards these days work reasonably ... .well... Intel I dunno it seems to be fine but I would be happy with AMD or Nvidia for sure and most people would. Nvidia does have a lock on good DLSS type scaling.

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NoFanBoy619d ago

He's saving it for the Ti versions later then. Yes Nvidia are greedy I feel like not not buying a new GPU for how they have treated us gamers over the past few years. Sadly AMD are not much better I'm hoping they all have to lower prices to shift stock.

Bobertt619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

There are reports there will be a 16gb and 12gb 4080 and the 12gb will use the weaker chip and the 16gb will be normal. The 4080 12gb will essentially be a 4070ti but due to the flood of 3000 series cards Nvidia has to price the cards higher to not make people stop buying the 3000 series and will call it a "4080" to justify the price.

XxINFERNUSxX619d ago

I would love if AMD can make a GPU like the ATI 9700 Pro, (before AMD bought ATI). If you remember that card destroyed anything Nvidia had at that time, for a long time ATI was on top. I had it and it was amazing.

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porkChop619d ago

I watched JayzTwoCents video on this and it's pretty damning. Nvidia are a terrible partner to work with.

TheOptimist619d ago

It feels like AMD might soon gain on Nvidia.
I mean EVGA has been there since the start with nvidia. To break such a partnership means they are looking at it fropm a purely business standpoint. They dont care about the copnsumers at this point.

Bladesfist619d ago

They have a long way to go, Nvidia is at nearly 80% market share and gaining according to the steam hardware survey.

ABizzel1619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

That's true, because no matter how small it is, technically NVIDIA makes the better product.

But tech companies, youtubers, and now their partners are putting NVIDIA on blast on how they're purposefully screwing the market and their own fans over, so from a PR standpoint, NVIDIA is about to be in the worst position they've ever been in.

But it going to take more than bad PR to humble them. It's going to take an as good product from AMD, that releases before RTX 4000, and is on paper and in practice comparable to RTX 4000 in performance, in image reconstruction, and in ray tracing.

Currently, NVIDIA's winning in all 3, being the better performer, a step ahead in terms of image reconstruction tech, and 2 generations ahead in terms of Raytracing, of those areas even when they had a less efficient node in comparison to AMD, so now that both are on the same node AMD has its work cut out for it.

But if there ever was a time for them to strike it's now. They need to be courting EVGA and giving them the best deal possible, because EVGA was NVIDIA's biggest partner and they have a fairly loyal following who are now conflicted on just buying a RTX 3000 and staying with it until this rolls over, or leaving EVGA and getting a RTX 4000 with another brand.

RedDevils619d ago

If they keep continue building bad relationship with their partners, that Market shares will start shrink real fast in the world of technology.

Orchard619d ago

Well that’s a headline I never thought I’d read. Kinda crazy.