Tekken 8 Doesn't Reuse Any Tekken 7 Assets, Built From the Ground Up on Unreal Engine 5

An interesting detail from a new IGN interview with Tekken boss Katsuhiro Harada: Tekken 8 apparently doesn't use any assets from Tekken 7. This means that character models and environmental details, all of the visual stuff, has been built from the ground up using Unreal Engine 5.

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MADGameR255d ago

Good! I am very much looking forward to this. VERY hyped! :D

Eonjay255d ago

This seems to also support Epics claim that UE5 is compatible with last gen.

Tacoboto255d ago

Fortnite is on UE5 and has been so for all of 2022.

SugarSoSweet255d ago

How so? Tekken 8 is a current gen only game.

Father__Merrin255d ago

Still tragedy why xbox version revived no one x enhancements tek7 looks very very very very low res

Magatsuhi255d ago

Yeah everything except the obvious copy/pasted animation.

generic-user-name255d ago

The characters retain their signature moves, obviously. If you compare them side by side you'll see the differences. Try doing a hellsweep with Kazuya in T7 and watch his torso contort horrifically. In T8 it's much more realistic looking.

Huey_My_D_Long255d ago

God don't dare correct the fucking whiners on this site, facts be damned.
Also a dumb ass complaint. "Wahhh, a reused animation"
You guys need to find real problems.

Army_of_Darkness254d ago

People these days always crying over unnecessary nonsense! 🤣 I have 99 problems but a character animation ain't one....

H9255d ago

So hopefully nothing close to the faces of T7

PapaBop255d ago

This is a huge plus. In Tekken 7 it was painfully obvious who was made for the game and who they just brought it.

SugarSoSweet255d ago

Why what's wrong with Tekken 7?

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