Tekken 8's Harada Would Consider Bringing Back Guest Characters

Having found success with characters like Negan, Tekken 8 chief producer Katsuhiro Harada says he's open to adding guest characters once again in the upcoming sequel.

PhillyDillyDee255d ago

Please dont. This isnt smash brothers. The guest characters in 7 just feel out of place. Specifically the ones from 2D fighting games. Negan feels fine and i think thats because he doesnt have a “moveset” that they are attempting to translate from a different game. It feels like guests only work when they are built from the ground up for tekken instead of trying to make them feel like something other than tekken.

Immagaiden251d ago

Tekken had guest characters before SSB. SSB isn't the only fighting game series to feature guest characters.

Guest characters are supposed to feel out of place. Thats why it's so interesting to see them transplanted into other games

PhillyDillyDee251d ago

Who says guest characters are supposed to feel out of place? There some sort of rule book i dont know of? I would argue they should feel like they fit in.

There’s a reason many guest characters break games. Tekken 7 is a good example of this.

Kakashi Hatake255d ago

Please keep Noctis away from this game. Characters with long reach have no place in this game.


Akuma is the most broken guess character in Tekken history and that’s AFTER the so called nerfs…