Oddjob: GoldenEye remaster’s Switch/Xbox dual-platform release is somehow the best of no worlds

From VG247: "What a thrill it’s been to see GoldenEye 007 finally revealed to be making a return on Nintendo Switch and Xbox. Sure, it’s been rumored for a long time, but it was still one of the most electrifying announcements on a day that was, thanks to a Nintendo Direct and State of Play, pretty packed full of ‘em."

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MIDGETonSTILTS17189d ago

What a missed opportunity to not launch Goldeneye online for Xbox. Xbox might have the highest rate of online multiplayer gaming of any platform.

darthv72189d ago

Maybe Nintendo had some say in the matter...? Local multiplayer is what many remember most. Glad that is still there for XB users.

--Onilink--189d ago

My guess is that its related to how they both handle emulation differently and that neither of them probably had any way to touch anything code related in the game.
Nintendo for all its issues with backwards compatibility on the Switch online games, builds basically a sort of dedicated emulator for each game that allows them to add stuff like online play, save states, etc, but not really do graphical enhancements.

Xbox on the other hand has been able to do the exact opposite in their BC titles without touching the code.

Both could probably do what is missing on a technical level if they wanted to, but I guess they just didnt saw the value of going deeper into their emulation pipeline to make those kind of changes for just 1 game

-Foxtrot189d ago

They could have done cross play or something

Hell even PR wise they could have done the whole “play together” stuff

Limitedtimestruggle189d ago

No xbox live is a real bummer though, a real waste.

Orchard189d ago

I'm fine with what we're getting, and quite frankly surprised we're getting anything given how much of a licensing hell this game is in between MS, Nintendo, Amazon & Pierce Brosnan.

Also would rather have the Xbox version than Nintendo since it has improved framerate, res etc. The NSO version is just the ROM emulated & online multiplayer will be weird - it's still split screen just 'emulated networking'.

Plus it's very accessible in terms of cost - included in NSO & GamePass, also free to anyone who has Rare Replay, which costs $7.

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The story is too old to be commented.