Tech-Gaming Fun! Fun! Minigolf Review

Tech-Gaming writes: "Nintendo DS and Gameboy Advance owners ought to be familiar with Shin'en. The German developers are responsible for some of the best 3D programming on those two portable platforms. From the GBA launch title Iridion, to the wonderful Nanostray titles, Shin'en has created a handful of titles that serve as exemplars of the graphical and sonic capabilities of Nintendo's handheld systems.

With the release of the eccentrically named Fun! Fun! Minigolf for Nintendo's WiiWare store, the developers have made the leap to home consoles. As expected, the title is a graphical powerhouse and indistinguishable from full-priced, disk-based software. Beauty comes at a cost however, as this title won't keep Wii owners busy for more than a few hours. We spent nearly as long clearing the required 308 blocks from our Wii's memory storage, as we did playing through all the courses."

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