GoldenEye’s online multiplayer ‘is exclusive to Switch’, 007 site claims

From VGC: "GoldenEye 007’s just-announced re-release will only feature online multiplayer on Nintendo Switch, it’s been claimed.

That’s according to the official 007 website, which states: “Exclusive to the new Switch version of the 1997 title will be online play, allowing 007 fans across the world to take part in the popular four-person multiplayer mode."

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porkChop189d ago

Nintendo really strongarmed to make online play exclusive. Wtf. Could have had cross play between both platforms. But I guess Nintendo needs a reason for people to buy their ripoff "expansion pack" service.

Snookies12189d ago

Not to mention Nintendo has the absolute worst online service lol. I barely ever try to play games online with my Switch.

Number1TailzFan189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

I was playing SNES games with my friend online in the early 2000's, and while the interface via ZSNES was basic, for direct connection via IP address it usually worked really well, rarely any lag and had integrated text chat even during online play. Played Contra 3, Mario 3 etc.. a lot of fun, then there was the Zbattle service to hook up with other players via lobbies etc similar to Worms 2 / Armageddon integrated online features.

Seems the more basic multiplayer services with simple interfaces like Gamespy/Wireplay/Mplayer may have been better than Nintendo's service today!

SullysCigar189d ago

Better off just waiting for a remake anyway. If you absolutely must play it, Switch is the way to go, as it has online multiplayer and will not look AS bad on the small screen.

Playing this on your TV will ruin your memory of an awesome game FOR IT'S TIME. This feels like such a missed opportunity for the game's 25th anniversary.

porkChop189d ago

I feel like if we were ever going to get a remake we would be getting that now instead of a port. What a shame.

1Victor189d ago

I guess that hanging with ________ has sharpened Nintendo’s fangs having taken online exclusive to their system is a bold move coming from Nintendo. Congrats are in order the kids company is growing up 🥲I’m so proud, maybe next console will be a contender to Sony and Microsoft systems graphically and online 😱🤣

Mobis-New-Nest188d ago

This is why Nintendo is the best in the gaming industry, they know how to make the right exclusive at the right time that will make them lots and lots of money. HAIL NINTENDO! HAIL VICTORY!

porkChop188d ago

I honestly don't think this is going to be that successful.

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-Foxtrot189d ago


The company with the most awful online gets exclusive rights on the multiplayer


Relientk77189d ago

Yeah this has me laughing lol. Ridiculous

-Foxtrot188d ago

Probably best to wait

They’ll bring it to Xbox eventually

Probably Nintendos deal to boost their online or something

CptDville189d ago

What’s next? Call of Duty becoming exclusive?

ocelot07189d ago

Wait so do you need he expansion pack to get this? Can't you just buy it.

Mr_Writer85189d ago

No you need the online expansion.

ocelot07189d ago

I have the standard one. So I assume I get access to it?

Mr_Writer85188d ago

No the standard one doesn't give you N64 games just NES and SNES.

Limitedtimestruggle189d ago

The worst possible outcome. Switch online is a tragedy, especially with these emulator stuff. is what it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.