Why Forspoken's Frey Holland May Have a Hard Time Being a Likeable Protagonist

Forspoken's protagonist is Frey Holland, and she has drawn mixed reception from gamers, although her awkwardness may be due to her rough history.

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CrimsonWing69193d ago

I’ll be honest, I haven’t seen or heard anything from any of the trailers that’s made me feel like she’s annoying.

ClayRules2012193d ago

Yeah, I haven’t either. I don’t get why there seems to be a decent amount of hate when it comes to her and her voice/performances (from trailers) being called annoying and cringy and that of a CW show. I just don’t see it🤷🏼‍♂️

While I can’t comment on the quality of the performances overall, yet, by Frey, I don’t think it’s going to be bad or anything. Some of her dialogue in scenes that’ve been shown off don’t really seem outta place or silly to me, but fit the action, the specific moment and could really help immerse and connect the player into the fights along with helping the player FEEL all the more like Frey, building that connecting to her. Here’s hoping anyways🤞🏻

One reason why I love the dialogue moments in comment etc for HZD/HFW.

Eonjay193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I replayed the first mission of Spiderman again. Just listen to Peter Parker for 5 minutes and tell me he isn't 10x as 'cringy'. But like it doesn't bother anyone one bit. So I take the same attitude towards. Frey. She doesn't bother me either. I like her just as she is and I can't wait to see how her character evolves.

sourOG193d ago

They haven’t showed any dialogue since the first trailer where it was raked over the coals. The gameplay looks fine, they are hiding the cringe now.

Yppupdam192d ago

The only issue I saw with the game was the constant gen z word salad. If they can either cut the dialog down greatly or allow a way to turn off the cringe verbal diarrhea, That would "save" the game in my eyes. From the trailers, what little gameplay was shown looked is fine otherwise.

sourOG192d ago


I would have to agree. Maybe it’s voice actor too putting emphasis at weird times like really young people do. The gameplay looked dope from what I saw.

GoodGuy09193d ago

The cringe dialogue and people thinking she's only the protag because we need diversity.
I only care if the game will be good or not and waiting for reviews. A lot of square games are a very mixed bag especially their western styled games.

ClayRules2012193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

Peter Parker isn’t cringy in that game (I mean, it might be to some) he’s a tech nerd, but a cool guy and just Spider-Man, I don’t know what else to say. I wouldn’t call his dialogue in the first 5 mins cringy, it’s true to his character (while some might think that, as you) I say it’s witty and fits him and doesn’t feel outta place at home.

In terms of Freya, as I said, her dialogue fits the action on screen etc (from trailers shown) and from cutscenes, it doesn’t feel outta place or cringy to me. But only time will tell if she really becomes a likable character with real depth and personality from the beginning of the story, evolving into someone with depth and growth as the story moves along, as she develops her powers, meets new people, fights more menacing bosses, etc. will that effect who she is? Will we possibly she rage from her and maybe see her lose that innocent look shown? Probably not, maybe I’m thinking to much into it haha. Who knows. But I do look forward to playing as her and seeing what she brings to games that’s different and to this hopefully different and unique/fun world of FORSPOKEN.

I’m not expecting an amazing performance, but I think it’ll be good.

Eonjay193d ago

Great comment. Yeah, I personally wouldn't call him cringy. And by the same token I wouldn't call Frey's banter cringy either. I was making the comparison and drawing a common line between the characters. And I appreciate witty charaters to be sure. I was saying that he lays it on way thicker than Frey though and that if we collectively don't have a problem with Peter than why would we have a problem with her? And I totally agree with your thought about her character developing with the story as seems apparent even in the overview trailer.

ClayRules2012193d ago

Yeah, I get your comparison, not hating on you for doing that.

Yeah, I don’t find Frey’s banter to be cringy either, as I didn’t find Aloy’s banter cringy and I remember specifically some people loving the gameplay but NOT liking her dialogue in gameplay when footage was shown off (because of how she talks to herself) but it works for Aloy, lends itself fine to her and I don’t believe gets in the way of anything or any moments.

And yeah, her developing as a character does seem apparent, from what’s been shown in trailers. I don’t expect anything amazing story wise (gameplay looks fantastic and solid/fast) that’s where I think this game really could shine! Story is still up in the air, but I won’t just toss it out yet, I want to see it for myself and form my own opinion.

If the story sucks, ok, life moves on. If it’s really good, I’ll complete it and hopefully come back for a 2nd go around with new game+? Haha😄

nommers192d ago

That’s because you’re actually sensible and probably understand her monologue describing the situation she’s in is far too little info to discern anything about the overall story and even actual dialogue. Which of course when she was saying those things it wasn’t dialogue lol, it was a monologue until knowledge of another character at that time arises. It sounded like an advertisement of the game and nothing more.

Bobertt192d ago

The dialogue has been pretty cringe in the trailers. The music and dialogue don't fit with the world and action.

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DeathTouch193d ago

She is black a teen and not a bimbo. That is why.

Eonjay193d ago

From the first video people where complaing about her 'blackness' which is par for the course. A lot of people are incapable of seeing that racism is a form of mental illness. An illness that they feel compelled to spread as if it were communicable simply by wishing harm on someone else.

Elda193d ago

Part of racism is that it's mostly taught from family,peers & friends while the other is just hate upon another race due to stereotypes & fear knowing not every person in every race carries themselves stereotypically.

192d ago
Yppupdam192d ago (Edited 192d ago )

@gwanyy, Agreed, The word "racist" used to have a specific meaning, Now it is just a word used by people that don't like opinions or views different from their own. It is a weak minded, low resolution conversation ender. Don't like TLOU 1 and 2, your an homophobe, Someone Doesn't like that a characters dialog is cringe and too frequent, assume that it is "actually" because of the protagonists race and try to shut them down with accusations of racism. Where are all the "racists" complaining about the protagonists from Deathloop? or do the "haters" only have a problem with Female POC, so misogyny also. It's just so tiring. ADDENDUM: If there are people complaining about the characters "blackness" I haven't seen that anywhere, the general consensus is the dialog is cringy and way too frequent. a legitimate observation from the trailers that have so far been released.

H9193d ago

Listen I understand the internet is full of racist people, but you have to understand the world is full of people that aren't online 24/7, the whole "judging a character by their skin color" simply doesn't exist in so many places in the world, I don't think I have sat down in real life in a place where anyone ever expressed any sort of care toward the gender or skin color of a character, in my experience the thing that usually get comment on the most IN REAL LIFE is the amount of fanservice, and by all means I want as many female characters with no fanservice as possible, the reason why I don't like what I am seeing from Frey (focus on the "what I am seeing" part) is that so far she is samey, her lines have been said in the same situations in almost every average show or game, if you are samey and barely talk or take screentime then I really wouldn't care but she talks a lot and she is the main character, and I won't pay 70$ simply to see if she will be different in the rest of the game, because by that logic I will need to buy every game that doesn't impress me because "you haven't played it yet you don't know if it will be different"

DeathTouch193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

You don’t need to go very far (this very site) to see sarcastic comments on how this game is “brave and bold” and how it’s “woke” for no particular reason.

Female protagonists exists since the dawn of time, so they surely can’t be dissing that, right? She is also not the first hyped teenager to be a main character in a game, so that is a no-no too. I wonder why people think this game, that has a somewhat bland and stereotypical teenager as a lead, is “woke”, has an “agenda” and is, ironically, “bold and brave”.

H9192d ago


first, you further helped my point when you pointed at this site, because like I said on the internet and western society, this is a constant thought, when people see a female protagonist in these places they are either praising it or bashing it, while for most people in real life, a female character is just a character, just like you don't get a unique reaction for seeing a male main character we don't get such reaction for a female protagonist, same with race!

Second, yes normal people don't get upset for a female protagonist, the second point however, the teenager bit, you further helped my point, she isn't the first teenager protagonist, in fact she's like number 163626262 with no apparent variation, you can get away with a cheap character when the type of the character is new but when it's overdone then no, just like when games had tons of grumpy middle aged men, at first I thought i didn't like it yet thought I could bear through it then it was used for more time than the age of Twitter and I can't handle the sight of them anymore, to me, a hyped up teenager that speak with memes is the new angry silent OP Man

DeathTouch192d ago

@H9 the straw man is fierce here.

There are several people reacting to this game as woke, having an agenda and ironically referring to it as bold and brave for including a black female character.

Hell, we had this site almost implode with the reveal of a minor black character for God of War only because she was black, and some people referred to Deathloop as a woke game.

If you or anyone else don’t feel like race is a reason to hate a character, good for you for having common sense, I’m not referring to these people, obviously. But thinking that this game is not getting a lot of hate simply for having a black female character as the lead is, at the very least, uninformed. Just read the comment section for any news on this game and you’ll see.

H9192d ago

@DeathTouch perhaps there's a difference in perspective here, since I don't really value the opinion of people crying woke at everything, like you said people online did lose their minds over a minor Character being black in GOW Ragnarok, but if you want to know if people dislike a character for being "woke" (which is something that lost any semblance of a meaning) then see how much are people arguing about them being woke and how much they are actually making a argument, I do agree with a lot of people here that yes Frey sounds like the average marvel character, she sounds like a reaction streamer than an actual human being, she doesn't even sound like a normal person, in comparison, people complain about Abby and it's usually about her muscles or that she is woke and I rarely see an actual argument, there you could say that she is hated for being woke, I don't see that with Frey, I think that people mostly didn't like her for who she appears to be

Ashunderfire86192d ago

Tell that to John Boyega who got snubbed from the Star Wars Poster In China. He doesn’t want to go near that movie trilogy, after his role as a goofy 🤪 Janitor for the Sith Storm Troopers, who happens to be force sensitive, but was never explored!

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EmperorDalek192d ago

Race has nothing to do with it. The whole game looks ridiculous as far as I can tell.

-Foxtrot192d ago

Maaaaaybe it’s just the writing

No one had a problem when the lead was revealed, it wasn’t until we saw it on action

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ThEusAisPoisonous193d ago

It’s not a mystery, it’s simply just bad writing.

Elda193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

That is clearly your opinion especially when you haven't experienced playing the game.

Pedantic91193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

In a space in which one could be the fan of a video game without ever playing it (a statement that many if not most are fine with) why can't others claim it might be down to bad writing from the snippets of gameplay shown thus far ?

Lore193d ago

Lol but that is what every single trailer when she opens her mouth leads us to believe

Lexreborn2193d ago

I give you a book, it has 34 chapters. You return the book telling me you read one sentence from 4 chapters and it’s bad writing.

You think your view on this book will be seen as credible?

Deathdeliverer193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

I’ve never seen a character get so much hate so early. She looks like someone you can see in the real world Day to day. She isn’t dressed like a battle stripper like in most games. She is dressed like she got pulled out her world on the way to get groceries. Like… regular. Then when it comes to voice acting, at least from the gameplay reveal, she seems good. No annoying voice, no whining, no angst, no depression. Seems upbeat with realistic responses. I pride myself on seeing things from different angles. I simply cannot find anything wrong with the character other than she isn’t what we are used to seeing as a heroine in video games. I love the fact that she looks and speaks realistically. It’s also a welcome change. It’s like people want to influence others into thinking the character design fails or should be disliked so they write it off early. It’s mind boggling.

ClayRules2012193d ago

I couldn’t agree more. The responses from many really is shocking when it comes to how disapproving people are of this character, from the voice acting, to even her look (of course more are bothered by her voice) but my goodness, it’s a girl pulled outta her world (if I’m not mistaken) by surprise, who just wants to get back home, and unfortunately can’t, and as you said, she really does look like she was out to get some groceries, something so simple, which simple nowadays to have your character look, I have no issue with. It doesn’t mean they LACK personality or heart.

And to what you said about her speech, her responses seem genuine, come off genuine, which I found to be really pleasing. In one of the trailers or gameplay videos (I forget which ones) she was jumping for the first time or leaping fast and her excitement was that of someone her age, how they’d react, I believe. It felt natural, as natural as something Nathan Drake would say as he’s just escaped death for the 20th time, and yet, still has that sigh of relief, yet disbelief in his voice.

I look forward to seeing who exactly Frey is. I can’t say she’ll have real depth, only time will tell, when playing the game, but I sure hope so, I hope I come to at least like her and enjoy the journey she goes on, an feel like a total badass. As close to feeling and wielding powers/magic like Doctor Strange/Scarlet Witch as I’m gonna get in a video game…for now😊

193d ago
ClayRules2012193d ago

I get out plenty haha.

If you don’t think Frey seems genuine in her dialogue, walk and it’s “cringe” you can think that. I disagree and won’t try to convince you.

Nonetheless, have a great Friday and weekend, be safe out there!🙏🏼