15 Best Final Fantasy Characters & Games Ranked

Fortress of Solitude takes a retrospective look at some of the highlights of this iconic gaming franchise from the past few decades — the Final Fantasy protagonists, characters and games.

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Mobis-New-Nest79d ago

Best Final Fantasy Game: Final Fantasy 6
Best Main Hero: Tidus
Best Side Character: Auron
Best Villain: Kefka Palazzo
Best Final Fantasy Scene: Yuna Tidus Laughing Together.

Change My Mind.

VersusDMC79d ago

Seems like there is more love for FFX in that list...follow your heart and change favorite game to FFX. :)

curtain_swoosh79d ago

Tidus, agreed
Rikku (x2)
kefka and sephi chan
Barnet and Cloud date

-Foxtrot79d ago

Really? Noctis and Tidus before Squall

He had great character development in VIII, from this lonely selfish jerk who didn't want anyones help to a brave heroic leader who let his friends in and even his romantic interest.

People literally just judge him based on the start and go "Emo"

curtain_swoosh79d ago

yea agreed.
also, he wasn't such an emo in other languages. i can only attest for german and japanese tho ha.

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