505 Games Tokyo Game Show 2022 Lineup Announced

The 505 Games'Tokyo Games Show 2022 lineup has been revealed, and it will feature Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, and more.

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anast194d ago

Is this the dev group that ruined the Walking Dead game that was supposed to come out?

SonyStyled194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

They are a publisher not a developer. But to answer your question, yes

anast194d ago

Thanks for the correction.

richardmmorales194d ago

If you're talking about Overkill's The Walking Dead. 505Games wasn't the developer. Overkill Software was the developer. Starbreeze Publshing was the publisher on PC. And 505Games was gonna be the publisher for the console versions. The game was canceled because Skybound Entertainment terminated their contract with Starbreeze Publishing.

anast194d ago

Cool. Thanks for the info. For some reason I thought 505 had their own devs. and that they worked on the the game. It pays to ask questions.

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