God of War II Barbarian King Gameplay

The enormous King of the barbarians takes Kratos for a ride

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TheMART4898d ago

Just wow so nice! I'll buy a PS2 for only 100 bucks only for this again to be beside my original XBOX and my 360. It rocks. NICE

Rasputin20114898d ago

Thats why I boxed my PS2 up...I just knew there was a reason and at the the time I had no idea..but now I know

kamakazi4896d ago

wow just wow , this will look nice on my PS3 next to my 360 which is next to my Wii. damn JAFFE keep bringing SONY the hits man.

rfizzle this and MANHUNT 2, will be coming out for the PS2, Wii and PSP but no " ORIGINAL XBOX" version because MS abandoned that thing. good thing i never bought it.