Retro specialist Nightdive explains the difference between a ‘remake’ and ‘remaster’

From VGC: "Retro games specialist Nightdive Studios has explained the difference between video game remakes and remasters, according to its own definition.

Nightdive, which has created a large number of re-releases including Turok, Doom 64, Blade Runner and Shadow Man, told VGC in a recent interview that it’s come up with an internal definition for what defines a “true remaster” as opposed to a “ground-up remake”."

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RaidenBlack688d ago

Port -> Remaster -> Remake -> Reimagining -> Reboot

SimpleSlave687d ago

Retro specialist Nightdive explains the difference between a ‘remake’, a ‘remaster’ and a 'pile of shitmake'. That last one also known as Blade Runner: Steaming Pile of Shit Edition.

Do better next time and don't ever pull that shit again. Especially not with a fucking classic. If you don't have the assets then just do some Quality of Life changes to the gameplay and be done with it.


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