Should Microsoft Keep 343 In Charge Of ‘Halo’ Indefinitely?

Halo Infinite is suffering from more delays and cut features. Is the future of the franchise still best handled by 343?

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Jin_Sakai94d ago

If you’re having to ask this question you already know the answer.

darthv7294d ago

We know your answer...

But seriously, i have no problem with 343 making halo games. i mean the studio is named for guilty Spark for crying out loud. Keep the studio... just get rid of the bad apples within it that dont understand how a Halo game should be treated. I mean its obvious they have some staff there that might be better suited for other projects. And there are some talented people waiting who would love to bring this franchise back to the glory days.

That seems like a fair compromise.

Noskypeno94d ago

The bad apples in charge of 343 also have had or are in management in Xbox as well. So basically it needs new management, keep Joe Staten in charge and hopefully it can return to the glory days. But that's not a guarantee, because not every Peter Jackson movie is near as good as the original LOTR trilogy, even the best have duds once in a while.

SonyStyled94d ago

I’m not quite sure there would be a studio left from getting rid of the ‘bad apples’ that tarnish the Halo series. The developers had plenty of time and resources for the game to reflect that at launch. Time and money wasn’t the problem. The skills of the employees is. Halo should go to another developer, and I think it’s best if 343 used their creativity to design something new instead of building from an already existing formula they inherited

darthv7294d ago

@above... Nosk you are saying its management and Sony is saying its employees yet both of you are saying the same thing as me. They are the bad apples who need to go. you can gut an entire studio and replace them with fresh new talent. but keep the damn name exactly as it is. Let the new team redeem the name 343 because 343 was created specifically to make Halo games. giving it to some other studio would just be weird.

That's like asking Chevrolet to stop making the Corvette because some other company could make it better. So why not keep the brand at the company and just hire the team to make it better? Why does changing the developer have to be the answer? Rare was gutted right before MS bought them and they struggled for a while before going through some employee changes to be the Rare that is there now. and they have been better now than when they made Grabbed by the Gholies. Still Rare in name even though the players changed.

Do y'all get it yet?? Every big production house didnt start off big. they had to cut the fat and nurture talent and bring in people to get to being great. 343 needs to do the same. i agree the current staff have not been very forthcoming with ideas like Bungie was... but there is no reason why they cant cut the fat and nurture talent and bring in people from the outside and make 343 a quality studio.

VenomCarnage8994d ago

The problem is 343 was hand picked specifically to take MS's singularly most golden franchise and make it soar to new heights. They bombed at their only goal and honestly probably shouldn't exist whatsoever. Split the actual talent into studios they'd actually enjoy working for and move on, the studio is a bust and Halo is going to not even matter to MS anyway after the Activision acquisition

Noskypeno94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Yeah, I do understand that Joe Staten is a guy that knows what made Halo special and unfortunately he only came in during the final year of development for Halo Infinite but if there is a guy that can make the next game better, it's him. I do understand that even tho the franchise had some duds, Marvel in the 90s had bottom of the barrel movies, like straight to dvd at best and were no where near the quality of it's rivals, and Disney also had a period where the movies weren't good and rebounded, so let's hope that they get a clear vision of what Halo needs to be and not change it and only have the temp contractors assist in areas where they don't change anything important cause thats why 6 years didn't seem long enough cause they felt the need to change things after the last temp guy left.

crazyCoconuts93d ago

Agreed. With the right change in leadership, the rest of the studio will follow. There's nothing to the name other than the people

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neutralgamer199294d ago

Absolutely NOT!

But a better question is does Ms still care about Halo now that they have COD and overwatch? Halo is no longer competing against COD

crazyCoconuts93d ago

Halo was and still is part of the exclusive IP that is intended to keep people on the Xbox platform vs. PS. Of course MS cares about it, just like they care about Gears and Forza. As much as things look different on the surface I think these fundamentals stay the same

Crows9093d ago

The fact that they took the game free to play answers that question.

frostypants93d ago

Yeah. Nobody in their right mind could say yes.

moriarty188994d ago

Stupid to even ask that question. No, no and no again. They have shown they are totally inept of running this franchise and have driven it into the ground. Phil Spencer needs to make some changes and quickly or he is just as incompetent as 343.

94d ago
Tex424294d ago

Not at all. I say give Id Software a chance. Let 343 do their own thing and maybe they'll do something decent.

Old McGroin94d ago

Or maybe Activision if they get the deal across the line.

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