Arkane really didn't want to call Prey (2017) 'Prey'

From Eurogamer: "Raphaël Colantonio has revealed that nobody at Arkane Austin wanted Prey (2017) to be titled Prey, and how it felt "gross" to have released something under someone else's IP.

Colantonio, known as the founder of Arkane Studios, served as the game's director and writer. He announced his departure from the studio shortly after the game's release, citing burnout and a desire to spend time with his son.

The fact that the game was never envisioned to be a part of the Prey IP isn't new for fans of the game or Arkane. It was documented by NoClip last year, in which Colantonio and other leads on the game explained that Bethesda was insistent that Arkane's next project had to be called Prey. Colantonio described the decision as a "non-negotiable compromise"."

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Sciurus_vulgaris276d ago

Prey (2017) was only called Prey because Bethesda didn’t want to trademark a new title. The title of Prey made sense for the 2007 game due to the aliens harvesting humans for food. Prey (2017) could have been called “Typhon” or “Talos”. A somewhat corny alternate title could have been “Cybershock”, as Prey (2017) is a spiritual-successor to System Shock.

Profchaos276d ago

There was also a large amount of bad blood and ill will towards the original prey development team.
This seemed like a effort to stamp out the original prey franchise which is a shame as the planned prey 2 looked amazing

darthv72276d ago

the 360 Prey was a really cool game. i never played this one though as I thought it seemed like a weird reboot (turns out it wasnt). So I get what he says about using an already established name for something unrelated.

deleted276d ago

I actually skipped this game at launch because I rather enjoyed the 2007 360 game and was turned off when I saw no connection to the original in the previews.

I do regret not supporting it at launch, as this is a great game in its own right. He is 100% correct though, reusing the trademark hurt it. People were left confused, and it deserved better treatment.

glennhkboy276d ago

I feel that the latest Prey movie may also be "inspired" by the original Prey game.

ZwVw276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

Still holding out hope that Prey 2 (to Prey 2006) one day gets released. The game was literally complete and is just collecting dust in one of Bethesda's vaults.

Fluke_Skywalker276d ago

Yeah and all the footage that got released looked amazing. I really wanted that game!

Sidewinder-276d ago

One might say you're "Praying" for it....

Sgt_Slaughter276d ago

Wonder what they would even call that, Prey 2 would both be accurate and misleading at the same time

Profchaos276d ago

Same just stupid corporate politics and egos at play

Giblet_Head276d ago

It'll eventually get leaked by someone working/worked there.

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MadLad276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

I thought it was common knowledge that the only reason Arkane's Prey was called "Prey" was because of the cancellation of Prey 2, and Bethesda wanted to try to capitalize on the name, being it was still a known title.

We didn't get the official Prey 2 because the studio refused to be purchased by Bethesda after it was basically finished, which is really petty.

276d ago
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