Superstar mode added to Madden 360. First details and images

Moans and groans.

When EA demoed Madden NFL 07 for the Xbox 360 before E3 and announced that Superstar mode was not in the game, that's all you could hear from the crowd of journalists.

Let's just say, EA heard the groans loud and clear.

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OutLaw5444d ago (Edited 5444d ago )

Last year Madden had a rush feel to it. But this year is going to be a different story.

Lucidmantra5444d ago

Well i don't know if they are putting this in at the last minute I bet it will feel rushed unless they have been working on it for awhile. We shall see though. This means I can import my NCAA players again which rules since I will have them both anyways and liked doing it last year.

Killswitch5444d ago

Why Madden are you part of sony's company this year cause your doing that dumb shytt

OutLaw5444d ago

Hey, Are you okay. I don't know what the hell you are mad about.

Mighty Boom5444d ago

I love Madden but I dont care for superstar mode.

The BS Police5444d ago

I'm not really into thse types of games at all!

omansteveo5444d ago

Its good that they're putting it in but i dont care as long as Larry Johnson is on there doin DAMAGE!! who can stop him WHAT!!..GET AT HIM!!

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The story is too old to be commented.