Mafia 4 should have a retro 90s setting inspired by The Sopranos

Mafia 4 should reinvent the open-world crime game with a now-retro '90s setting like The Sopranos, just like Rockstar did with the '80s GTA: Vice City

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RaidenBlack399d ago

It's been leaked that it'll be a prequel to Mafia 1

MadLad399d ago

I'd be happier that they didn't try to take it too modern.
Even when they did 3, all issues aside, but I liked the world and narrative they built around it. I just don't want to see them go past that era.

Iceball2000399d ago

The storie of Don Salieri? Or even Pauli or Sam

PhillyDillyDee399d ago

I hope it takes place in the 1890s. And its a western. And its not about the mafia. Why dont we have more high quality western games again?

399d ago
RaidenBlack399d ago

Under 2K's portfolio its already RDR IP, mate.

sourOG399d ago

Retro 90s? Getting old son.

398d ago

Mafia VR Mod Is The Latest Release From GTAV Modder

Luke Ross, the VR developer behind mods for Grand Theft Auto V and, more recently, Red Dead Redemption 2, has launched a Mafia VR mod.

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Mafia: Definitive Edition's Classic Difficulty Aims To Recreate The Original Game's Experience

This difficulty will make driving more demanding and remove in-world navigation signs from the streets. Police will also be much more aggressive on Classic, with even driving a little over the speed limit causing them to come after you. Enemies are also far more aggressive and can deal more damage to you. They also don’t show up on the game’s minimap. Reloading will also forfeit any bullets you have in your clip, meaning you will need to pay attention to how much ammo you have left. There will also be a trophy for completing the game on this difficulty.

potatoseal1141d ago

"There will also be a trophy for completing the game on this difficulty."


Double_O_Revan1141d ago

Lol. I love how this setting is considered Difficult and gets a trophy. I thought all the little hurdles in the original made the game more realistic back in the day. Especially the breaking the laws on front of cops and losing bullets when reloading.

Only thing I will say that sucked in the original was that first race. F*** that race! F*** it so much!!

potatoseal1141d ago

LOL they say that race won't be as hard as it was. They say you'll get it with patience and practice hahaha. We'll see


Mafia: Definitive Edition Won't Be A One-To-One Copy

There will be changes that further rejuvenate the game.

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1nsomniac1188d ago

How they thought their recent definitive edition updates wouldn’t damage the remakes sales I’ll never know. Stupid decision.

somethingcool871188d ago

lol exactly my thought. And not having a single gameplay demo for a game that's about to release in a month, does not help their case neither.

AK911188d ago

Yeah this was obvious from the get go.