Gametrailers GOTY Awards 08 - Best PS2 Game

With hits like these, the PS2 is going out with style.

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rucky4689d ago

Persona 4 should've won.

Danja4689d ago

I agree Persona 4 is better than most the game released this year

Reibooi4689d ago

It's retarded that Persona 4 did not win this. First off Rockband can be played on pretty much all the platforms so woo hoo. Persona 4 is unique and it can only be played on PS2. So it should have been GOTY in my opinion.

Gun_Senshi4689d ago

Persona 4 Should had won. Its even RPG of the Year.

Baka-akaB4689d ago

What the hell ? how is rewarding a multiplatform game making the ps2 going out with style ?

No FanS Land4689d ago

Talk about bias. That 's what I despise from game reviewers. when they choose a multi plat. as an exclusive console GOTY.

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The story is too old to be commented.