Cult Of The Lamb Nerfs Golden Fleece To Stop Players From One-Shotting Bosses

Cult of the Lamb has rolled out a brand-new patch that nerfs the Golden Fleece, one of the more popular items in the game. When wearing it, you take double damage but you also gain increased damage per kill, meaning that if you're skilled enough, you can reach the final boss with enough power to one-shot them. However, developer Massive Monster wanted to avoid this and so it has capped the damage at 200 percent.

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hangdang634d ago

Don't like this nerf at all. You still had to go through multiple paths without taking damage to work up enough of a multiplier to one shot a boss. It was really fun if you could pull it off.


Party Animals: Cult of the Lamb Character Crossover Now Available

Party Animals has expanded once again, with a new collaboration now adding a playable character from Cult of the Lamb.


Sin to your heart’s content with the Cult of the Lamb – Sinful Pack

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Cult of the Lamb Sales Top 3.5 Million units, Sins of the Flesh Update Releases January 16

Devolver Digital and developer Massive Monster announced Cult of the Lamb has sold over 3.5 million units worldwide.

The developer also announced the Sins of the Flesh update for the game will release on January 16.

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