Free Sex Is Coming to Cult of the Lamb In 2024

Massive Monster has announced that they will be bringing free sex to Cult of the Lamb, early 2024. No this is not a joke.

Inverno182d ago

Mojang's been real quiet since this announcement.

Vengeance1138182d ago

Most likely just a character named Sex, that you get for free...

shadowknight203182d ago (Edited 182d ago )

My first thought was that it would be a new craftable item, and a few straightforward animations they add, with a feature that many have been asking for since release. Like a big duhhhh moment...
But a character named Sex, now that's brilliant!

Vengeance1138181d ago

What's important to think about is the game is rated T for teen, so adding any actual sex animations would require them to have to re-submit the game for re-classification to get an M rating. Quite alot to do for a little free update.

jlove4life181d ago

Hmmmm Is this a lambia major or minor lambia update


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