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"EVERYWHERE is a new multi-world game experience that blurs the line between reality and the digital world – developed by Build A Rocket Boy."


Everywhere "Not a Blockchain Game" Reaffirms Devs; Will Feature Both Soft and Hard Currencies

Everywhere is not a blockchain game reaffirms devs. Studio boss Leslie Benzies also confirms it will feature "soft" & "hard" currencies.

anast173d ago

Will feature two kinds of currencies and some game...It already sounds like trash.

LordoftheCritics173d ago

Most games are barely games anymore now.

Jobs inside a tech demo.

senorfartcushion173d ago (Edited 173d ago )


How about you suck my soft and hard currency instead?

Get outta here with your mobile game nonsense.


Videogames Is an Underwhelming Word; We're Not Calling Everywhere a Metaverse, Says Benzies

Former GTA creator Leslie Benzies said videogames is a small word to describe the medium, since it has grown so much. He also commented on Everywhere as a metaverse.

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anast178d ago

This is a good read. I agree that there needs to be either a new word or the word "videogame" needs to be redefined.

H9178d ago

I don't know man, that's literally what it is, a game in a video format, no matter how it grows, it's still a digital game

SmortBoie177d ago

I got it.
Motion picture - movie.
Video game - viddie.

Personally I call them Vidjas - because I like the way it sounds in my mouth.

Video games are to 'games' nowadays as art is to 'a picture'. There's more depth of experience and expression than the word 'game' can portray effectively.
So I agree.

GotGame818177d ago

Avatar 2 was Amazing in Imax 3D. It is still just a movie!

Duke19177d ago

All I know is, I REALLY hate the term metaverse

Ninver177d ago

Yeah what douche came up with that term?

MinnesotaFatts176d ago

It's from Neal Stephensen's '92 cyber-thriller Snow Crash. It was a hypothetical evolution of the Internet and the World Wide Web after the titular event crashed global computer-information systems.

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GTA producer's not-crypto project Everywhere is part episodic blockbuster, part Roblox rival

In a former casino on the outskirts of Edinburgh, ex-Grand Theft Auto producer Leslie Benzies is readying his next big game.

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Anunnaki181d ago

Title sounds like something an AI would generate as click-bait.