Death Stranding - PC Game Pass Announcement Trailer

Kojima Productions and 505 Games are bringing Death Stranding to PC Game Pass on August 23rd!

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sparky77642d ago

So crazy another 1st(ish) party Playstation title coming to Game Pass with Xbox achievements, such a weird timeline.

crazyCoconuts642d ago

It's odd that this is just PC Game Pass, and not Console. It's already been on PC for a few years, so it makes sense to get some extra revenue this late into the cycle (it's like a 3 year old game now). And it's not opening up to any new platforms.. guess they still aren't opening up to the console space, which is really where PS feels they're competing.

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Orchard642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

Sony likely had little involvement in this, if any. They gave the PC publishing rights away to 505 games and KJP.

It’s very unlikely Sony would want to give anything to GP given Jim Ryan’s recent comments on its sub market dominance.

Sony have complete control over the console SKU, and it also uses the GG engine which won’t have support for Xbox - so that’s why you’ll never see this on an Xbox console (other than via streaming).

crazyCoconuts642d ago

@orchard, agreed. Sony's involvement was likely to contractually restrict this game from Xbox consoles in the first place, but not from PC.

Jin_Sakai642d ago

“It's odd that this is just PC Game Pass, and not Console.“

That’s because the PC port was published by 505 Games while the console version is published by Sony.

Ryushaa642d ago

People say Sony might have little involvement with DS, but they probably forget an important thing. DS uses Sony's own Game Engine from Guerrilla Games Studio, so they certainly locked consoles ports besides Playstation.

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CaptainHenry916642d ago (Edited 642d ago )

It would be really weird if it was on Xbox gamepass. BTW you have to have a good gaming rig to play this at its best unless you don't care about Raytracing and DLSS in 4K 60fps to 120fps

darthv72642d ago

...or they could make it playable via cloud. Then anyone with a PC and internet could play. "Good gaming rig" be damned... haha

Golfcoachh642d ago

I have no issues with cloud. 200mb per sec. And no lag so
Yes please. Cloud!!!

CaptainHenry916642d ago

You must have good internet. Unfortunately everyone don't have good internet service to use cloud gaming

YodaCracker641d ago

Still a much lower barrier to access than an expensive gaming rig.

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Obscure_Observer642d ago ShowReplies(5)
InUrFoxHole642d ago

I really dislike exclusives. It's so anti consumer. I prefer the xbox system but I also love some uncharted. Why should we have to buy a whole other system to enjoy software?

Seraphim641d ago

this isn't a first party game. Kojima owns his studio, not Sony. 1st party refers to Sony owned studios/games. Granted Sony partnered w/ Kojima when launching his new studio and for this game.... but end of the day they closed a deal w/ Kojima and that deal apparently allows Kojima to release the game elsewhere. nothing surprising or crazy about it really.

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LordoftheCritics642d ago

This game is amazing.

Use hacks to run through the dragged on bits and finish it.

FINISH IT. You won't regret it.

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CrimsonWing69642d ago

We live in some strange times.